Some folks are never true,

Not even to their own selves.

They say they love,

But lust is what rules their hearts,

Minds and souls.

Their craving for bodily pleasures,

Is what dictates their definition of love.

In this age of promiscuous behaviour,

And unbridled carnal pleasure-seeking,

I find myself at a loss,

To see boy friends and girl friends,

Men "marrying" men,

And women "marrying" women.

They say they have their rights,

To live their lives as they want to,

As they please.

Then why did Lot's generation suffer,

The price of exactly such behaviour?

Sin is no longer a sin,

Ah, these so-called proponents of liberty!

Fie on them.

I am glad to be different,

Like some others around me.

If Margaret Court can outshine all

Other tennis players,

Where does Navratilova stand?

Souls are preparing themselves

For hell fire.

God is not to be blamed at all,

As He is the most merciful,

Of all those who dole out mercy.

The seed of Adam and Eve,

Has forgotten the lessons,

Mentioned in the Scriptures,

Revealed to the wisest of men,

Over the ages.

Doomsday is our own planned ending.

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