A Perfect Stranger

My Poetry

Wrapped in mystery and beauty of the unseen

The unnoticed shadow that I might have been

Knocked on your door but you weren’t there

Set your turf on fire with one single flare

Sent you a soul so simple and pure

So your eyes would glow full of light

You ignored that soul with magnificent allure

But did perceive the strength and might

There had been none of that for me in so long

That I had almost forgotten what it could feel like

Cursed dreams and one shattered old song

My flowers grew thorns that kill with every spike

And there you come along, a perfect stranger

With eyes that quenches the thirst of the sea

My strength starts collapsing while you flirt in danger

The flames I set ablaze is now firing back at me

Besieged by fire from every side and corner

You unmask me from my sweet disguise

“That blissful face…” u say, “so familiar

Those eyes that once lead me to my demise”

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