Looking at the Milky Way,

And its spiral shape,

My heart tells me,

It is still on the straight path.

Why fear death?

Why fear my passing away,

From here to a better world?

God's loving light shines in me,

Resplendent and healing,

I have an awareness of His presence,

In my time of wakefulness,

And He is with me all the time.

I know I came from Him,

And will return to Him,

Once my time here is over.

To be in His presence,

And His mercy,

Is what the joy of being is.

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hey's picture

This is a beautiful poem, friend. So much is spent clinging to things on this earth, and all this clinging results in misery. When one feels the presence of God, all meaningless things are given their true meaning, and one can experience only love and encouragement for his fellow beings on this earth. May peace be with you, and may you continue to spread that peace to others :)