Leaving this world.


Leaving this world.

This is for all the

People that have been called

To heaven before me. I know

Leaving this world is something we’ll

All have to do someday when god calls

Us to his kingdom to be with him and his angels

But I’ll say it never makes it any easier to say

Goodbye for now hope I’ll see you someday!

Even though I know you’re in a much better

Pain and even though I know you’ll always be

In my heart. I’ll forever missing seeing you

Face to face. It gets hard sometimes I catch

Myself still wanting to pick up the phone

And call you then I remember oh they’re

Not here In body anymore. Even though I miss

You all everyday I would never you to come

Back to this place because this world is getting more

And more every minute of everyday.

I know that some of left this world unexpectedly

I want you to know I live for you

No matter how difficult life

Can be at time I will always strive

To make you all always smile down

On me forever and hopefully you’ll

Be proud to have known me during

Your time on this earth. I know

Nobody ever likes to say goodbye

But it’s never goodbye just

See you later and I know leaving

This world is something we’ll

All do someday. I just

Hope I’ll make it up to heaven

To see all your faces someday!!

Feb 24th 201

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