You Will Never Be Forgotten

**Dedicated to: Kevin Laron Parham; 05/23/80 – 10/31/05**

Kevin I remember we meet that summer day in the park

You were pushing Avaya on the swing, the day our friendship did start

You were charming, smooth and I couldn't help but to like you

You were uplifting and had an eminent spark about you

Although the time we shared together was brief

When you left this world my heart was filled with grief

A valuable life lost by the stupidity of another

I know my pain is shared by so many others

You were one of the sweetest people I knew

You were a great friend and a dedicated father to name a few

You filled so many lives with life, love and laughter

Even though you're gone you've stayed within our hearts long after

The times we shared I'll keep forever in my memory

The friendship we had was something of beauty

You were wrongfully taken but I hope you're at peace

You'll never be forgotten, to say the least

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem in memory of a good friend who passed away Halloween morning 2005.

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