If I Were President



His plan to run for president is to trick them into thinking he’s the best they can get. 


His campaign call is to build a wall, claiming without it, the country will fall. 


He sings a song to lock the doors, with a refrain that says, "Let in no more".


However, give the key to those who look like me.

He says, that campaign will work for me.


He’ll plant no seeds of hope and care, but place acres and acres of tares and despair.


Adding to his song a chorus:

“The way to maintain peace, is to ban the Middle East"

A catchy phrase that's bound to amaze.


Keep them singing and they will miss the true meaning.

When the singing stops, he will have done his part, and found his seat where Barack use to sleep. 


The hell with trade, listen to him and we've got it made. 

The way to win the race is to point fingers, and claim disgrace.


Experience and accomplishment does not a president make.

It's all about the money; don't you get that yet?


It's slight of hand and misdirection.

To the Oval Office is where he’s meant.

Make no mistake he’s headed in that direction.

An investment in his own future is the end in all of this.


If a few of you can sing his song and follow along, jump on the bandwagon and sing the daylong.

If you don't know the words, fake it, it’s usually how he makes it.


Just remember one simple trick, pick a group, doesn't matter who, make them the bad guy, doesn't matter if it's true.

It's good to have to deflect off of you.

Add them to the song and keep singing along, with a catchy beat, he will never meet defeat.

Please lock the door behind you! 

The Rook

The Rook,

standing atop a king's castle,

his shining armor gleaming in the sunlight,

crossbow at hand,

dagger within his scabbard. 


He looks abroad,

and sees beneath the meadows

what appears to be an army;

an army of great size,

not sparing a moment

he loads the crossbow

awaiting hell among him.


When they are close enough

to where he can see the

facial hairs of the men;

he reigns fire;

as they besiege the castle,

he mercilessly slaughters,

mercilessly murthers,

every sword that touches

the gate.


Alas, he is overrun,

too many men to hold.

In the name of honor

he prepares to make his

final stand;

he grabs a sword from

its sheath,

stabbing and slitting;

the sword and dagger alike,

turning to a wine red,

his uniform stained with blood.

There the body lies,

the body of the Rook.



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Southern Pride

I'll fly my flag til the day I die, Its not hate, its Southern pride! Show it off, no need to hide, its a beautiful thing, this Southern Pride.
My flag does not see color and it can not hate. It doesnt cast blame or discriminate. So why must you attack it for something it aint?
That southern cross we fly so high, is to honors those who fought and died. 
It shouldnt be something we have to hide and we cant let it be just cast aside.
Ill fly my flag til the day i die. Its not hate, its southern pride. Show it off, no need to hide, its a beautiful thing, this Southern Pride.
Now some may say its racist and we hear it on a daily basis. But thats just not what the case is. Yes, its been used like this, but only by people of ignorance. 
That southern cross of red, white and blue was never made to offend you. It stands for something pure and true and To be a reminder of what, We the People, can do.
I'll fly my flag til the day i die. Its not hate, its southern pride. Show it off, no need to hide, its a beautiful thing, this Southern Pride.
They say history repeats itself and its happening now across the common wealth. Governments only caring about themself, stealin' and taxin' til we have nothin' left.
We the People are fed up, of being ran by people so corrupt. It's time now to wake up, for our rights We need to stand up and come together and Rise up.
Wake up! Stand up! Rise up! Southern Pride!(×3)
I'll fly my flag til the day I die. It's not hate, it's Southern Pride. So show it off, no need to hide, its a beautiful thing, this Southern Pride. Yea, that Sweet Southern Pride!! 
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hope you like it ♡

In my head its country/rap type lyrics with country/rock type music. One day I'll put the 3 together and make a YouTube video... maybe lol... Im kinda shy.

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Woman, Trust Thyself



(right click in new tab to listen)

"But love don't exist when you live like this that much I know, yes I know "

-Bruno Mars-


Well, it's like I told healingwoman one day...

'trust' with what?

there are some men who expect a woman to violate

moral standards and place herself

and her very soul, heart, integrity, on the line for the sake of 'trust'...

Taking risks is not what men of value allow their true and loyal love to participte in.

Men of value are men who would never place love in harms way

or allow danger or even a chance of it to a true love's honor.


There are those women, much like you describe you want,

who do not bend for this type of 'trust' and why there are so few.

Men snatch them up like precious gems found on the shoreline...

to treasure as they should be treasured and cared for.  


My fiance' bought me a t shirt with the words...'a good girl is hard to find'..

.alas he was lucky, as he did not have to search for me, nor I for him.

We found each other through the the stars one night...

me at home on my computer...him in the darkest of dark places,

reaching out into the universe.

 He found a shining star in me, and I in him.      

 all one can say nowadays is

--- good luck. 


4:27 PM 7/2/2013



inspired by the young girls of today and 




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Trust is not a toy. Trust is something that is to be safeguarded and not played with. Young girl, be-aware.

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We Fight

"We soldiers stand together, we never stand alone

 we fight and defend our freedom, though we might not come home

 freedom is never free, and this we can prove

 we fight for our country, we fight for all of you.


 We all learn a different MOS, but this I can confess

 when our country calls, we are all put to the test.

 With weapon in hand, we shoot strait and zeroed

 we fight 'till we have won, each soldier their family's hero.


 A father a mother a sister a brother,

 a son or a daughter, we still have each other.

 Banded together lead by leaders and values

 our day to come home is a day we count to.


 No matter in life or death we know we're in your thoughts

 but for now remember are battles, the wars we have faught.

 We fight for freedom, we fight for you

 we are soldiers, and this is what we do." - PV2 Jernigan

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A Simple Life Lesson

I watched the centerpoint before me mistreated and abused,

at the point of this discretion it was nothing that was new.

I had hurt this man, breathing and unmoving in the street,

yet all of this was proposed for every other time I was weak.


He wouldnt hit her anymore, this much of truth was fact,

Yet there was a thought that was rubbing on my back.

She was unmarked, unscathed, and no part of her was stole,

There was a lesson learned; even angels lie to gain control

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Hair Cut

Kiss of Honey

I want long hair, long braided hair
Is it really about Pride and Honour?
My hunny, my lover runs her fingers through my hair

The vibrations of the clippers buzz against my scalp
I close my eyes and smile, knowing her mom is correct
I wanted long hair, long braided hair

Hunny adjust the clippers to trim the hair short
I keep my eyes close remembering the times
Where I did have long hair in my life

The hair falls to the floor and my broad shoulders
Hair all over but not on top of the head where it belongs
She asks if I am going to cry

I squeeze her hand and smile, that is all she needs
Now I am clean cut, good looking cook for work
I wanted long hair, braided long hair

Pride and Honour is within the heart
The long hair is a symbol, for now I enjoy the short cut
She asks again if I am going to cry

I smile and squeeze her hand
Shaking my head no, I clean up with a shower
You had a lot of hair, I say I know it is thick

Someday Hunny, when you don't have to work
You may have your long hair and learn how to braid
When I become a known painter? Poet?

Yes, maybe then...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't know about this poem.

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One's acts of kindness conveys the quintessence of their heart...

One's acts of kindness conveys the quintessence of their heart...

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Her Husband, His Baby Momma

short stories.

It Was 2:17am and the club was still popping. Dominic and his friend had taken a few shots and were waisted.

"So what are you doing after the club bro?" Dominic said to his friend Darrel.

"Who you doing after the club bro?" Darrel said in response.

Dominic laughed and he said "I don't know bro but my dick going in somebody's gut tonight."

The two laughed and went to the dance floor and that's when she showed up.

Erica walked up to Dominic and introduced herself by stealing a dance with him.

"Hey, my name is Erica and your's?"

Dominic laughed showing all 32 teeth; He replied

"I'm Dominic, but everybody calls me D."

Erica looked down and saw the ring on Dominic's finger, but she didn't care. She couldn't help but notice how waisted Dominic and Darrel was and all she could think about was how good both of their dicks would be. So Erica asked Dominic, "do you and your friend want to go somewhere more peaceful and quiet?"

Dominic wasn't going for that so he said,"i'd rather it just be us two."

Erica really didn't give a fuck as long as she was fucking one of them by the end of the night.
Dominic ditched Darrel and left the club and went with Erica to her apartment....

Erica couldn't wait to get inside her house because the whole way home all she cold think about was how good his dick would taste and how wonderful his sex was going to be.

As soon as Dominic walked in the apartment and closed the door behind him, Erica came out of her dress and went down for Dominic's zipper. Erica went long and hard going up and down on Dominic's dick sucking it faster and faster by the second.

After she finished and removed his huge chocolate dick from her mouth he picked her up by her soft caramel colored skin, put her legs around his neck and started licking between her thighs.

Erica screamed uncontrollably and was only seconds away from coming inside of Dominic's mouth until he stopped as soon as she squirted cum out of her beautifully shaved caramel colored pussy.

Dominic put his dick inside Erica and he started stroking her. She was enjoying the drunk sex that Dominic was giving her. in fact, she loved every bit of it.

"Ahhhh yea, fuck me baby. Fuck me good. Stroke me harder daddy." Erica screamed.

Dominic stroked inside of Erica for a good looonnnng hour before he finally came. After he came, Dominic got off of Erica to go and wash off his dick, before he went back home to his wife.. But he only came to find that the rubber had popped........

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