The Girl you lost to Cocaine


I’ve stuck around, through thick and through thin
And I pulled you out when you were drowning within
But you’ve showed me sorrow to great to label pain
I’ve tried and I’ve failed, time and time again

I’ve been your sight, smell, sound, taste and touch
And I’ve been your lackey, your permanent crutch
But you’ve been indifferent too the greatest of zeal
I always bet and still lose, deal after bloody deal

I’ve been your friend, sister, comrade and mother
And I’ve always been the one when there was no other
But you’ve been my bane with no point of resistance
I’ve lived and still died, existence after existence

I’ve watched you dance your waltz of self hate
And I’ve counteracted all the drama you create
But you’ve let me down when the fall was too vast
I’ve learned my lesson; my past is in my past

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"I've stuck around, thro thick and thro thin, you cannot deny I've always been in, I've watched you stand still as a snow man, and I don't see you change, you're always a melt down" I'm just the girl that you lost to cocaine - sia

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