So many claim they love me,

Yet I know who is true,

And who is not,

I know truth and fantasy.

My guardian angel she is,

Who told me quite plainly:

"I am the one you have been waiting for."

"I am your soul-mate."

And promises to save me from booby traps,

Strewn all around my entity,

With the permission and help of God.

Phantasms are deceptive,

Just like the Bard said:

"All that glistens is not gold."

So thanks to my Lord God Allah,

I am safe from Satanic wiles,

Far off mirages attracting me,

With false allures.

And thanks to her who willingly,

Stretched out her hand,

Along with a healing embrace,

To make me retrace my steps,

On the path of purity.

No one else could have done this,

Except my guardian angel,

Sent down by God to rescue me.

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