Term Paper

Term papers,

they're no fun!


Term papers,

they drive me crazy!


Term papers,

seem to go on forever!


Term papers,

I have little motivation

to write it.


Term paper,

why can't it just disappear?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have a term paper for my high school english class that I HATE! Please let me know what you think!

Sick Ritual

As fast as the sun seems to come up, and go down,
Integument lost, now bones becoming exposed,
Heart slows down, sniffing dust and dirt up your nose,
Tears have dried, and life fading fast,
A drink of warm water might help you get past
This execution delivered by thoughtless tradition.


We cry your tears for you child,
But we bow to our own submission,
The price love is asking,
Seems won't come to fruition.


Sweet, sweet baby your prison cell you found,
Mama's at work, Daddy's nowhere to be found,
We know you were starving for love when you lost your mind,
We never meant this for be left behind,
Everyone's making their own stories about you,
How you shot up the school, and left only a few,
This other hunger goes unnoticed when a belly is full,
The love that you needed, we see now, had grown dull.


We cry your tears for you child,
But we bow to our own submission,
The price love is asking,
Seems won't come to fruition.


We're starving the children,
We're starving ourselves,
All along on this road, have we paved this pathway to hell?
How do we change it? A penny at a time?
Is the tithe not enough? Perhaps we've created this crime?
Where did we falter along the righteous way?
Can we ever correct our mistakes? Can we say?


We cry your tears for you child,
But we bow to our own submission,
The price love is asking,
Seems won't come to fruition.


Beautiful minds frought with beautiful dreams,
Beautiful failures that tear at the seams,
In the midst of discoveries, this age of lament,
Maybe it's time we see clear, and repent?
Maybe if we all looked on the inside,
We could turn this around and not run, fight, or hide?
Some lack nutrition so long that it's foreign to their eyes,
Others lack understanding...and when it's given, do not even recognise,
One child bears a smile from a small morsel of food,
The other can't smile, unless he's being rude.


Sweet little babies, made from heaven above,
Perhaps the step missing

When we climbed 'Maslow's Scale' is... love.



10:07 PM 4/20/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just some thoughts on the importance of teaching love and authenticity to children and each other. Life is beautiful when we cherish what we feel with our hearts and not our hands. There is hope and promise in the future if we use our knowledge to benefit things of the spirit in ourselves and our children.

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Pens Down

The Drabble Ditch

Mister Teacher cultivates our shivers

Creating craved and necessary marks

He's a devil

His world's in peril

And I'm his precious little rock


Grass Stains

Prison chains

Bright sunshine

Hazel stares turn water to wine


Ink scratches  stain paper and skin

Scrawled and torn until my hands bleed

He's infuriating

He's manipulating

And I'm everything he needs


Dirty knees


A generous heart

But he's cursed with a skull of glass.


I launch myself across the lawn

and I don't want to see where I'm going

My mind's infected

My rage's resurrected

He shakes. He sees his ruby child glowing.


Whispered names

Secret candy canes

Doodles in my book

To decorate the wisdom he took.

First I Wrote My Name

Once I bounced a ball,

The paper was my wall,

It bounced around my head a while,

That ball and me , we shared a smile.


Then I drew a house,

With windows for a mouse,

With curtains, blue and yellow lace,

I told myself, "I like this place".


Then I went to schools,

There they taught me rules,

The first the rule was to "write your name",

I recognized a different game.


Junior High breezed through,

The years passed by, they flew,

The days were filled with sitting still,

My parents worked to pay the bill,

I gained a lot of nothing missed,

Always writing, my hand a fist.


And now that years have passed,

I'm on my own at last,

When memory of that ball comes back,

I reminisce, I see the lack,

That ball is bouncing back to me,

It tells me learning should be free.

 © 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Education should be 'free' ie: free mind to learn about what one chooses and not only what it is in writing in a page of a book, or thoughts of opinion that have been masterfully manipulated to concoct another's idea of the 'truth'. That is not an education. That is simply the idea someone else gives you that you have one (an education).

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No longer safe

There was a time we played outside half the night
Til evil filled our lives with worry and fright
The laughter and peace is replaced with anger and grief
No longer do we feel safe anymore
for danger and hatred is behind every door
Their joy comes from filling our days with fear
By threatening the lives of those we hold dear
Times have changed for the worse I see
Please Lord protect my baby and bring him home safely to me

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Future looking at the past

I look upon these children and see them make mistakes
I recognize it, But it will be soon too late to forsake
I tried to warn them, resenting it will be our commonality
It'll be a shock when they grow up like when I saw reality
Nothing is ever given, you give and take what you've earned
You're making the decision and you choose to be burned
I'm a bystander watching you get abused by drugs
The drug game isn't as fun as you think just ask my buds
They're lying 6 feet deep, It'd be smart to use my wisdom
Next time you see your dealer, I'm saying refuse his blunt
Get your life together or you'll wish that your life was done
I use to be like you thinking I was cool smoking with my cousin
Look at me now, cleaning while I'm watching a reflection
You'll be out on the street, I guess we're all a collection
The guys are struggling and the girls are on planet whore
I'm a lucky one, but you won't listen to me, I'm just a janitor.

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Writing Essays

I have to write an essay
for my English teacher.

I don't want to write an essay,
I don't really like them.

They are ok if I
can do it free-form,
but I don't like the
ones with rigid structure.

Writing essays is
kind of hard for me,
and really isn't very fun.

I don't want to write this essay,
but I really don't have a choice.

I have to write this essay,
but, just maybe, I'll take a little break...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't know, lol. I was procrastinating.

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My Classes Are Running Together!


I've been studying
for such a long time, now!

All the information I'm learning,
is getting all jumbled up in my head!

La semana pasada
means last week.
Mr. Bohr made the Bohr model
for those in math!

Oh, wait...
that's not right...
Mr. Bohr made the Bohr model
for Chemistry!

Tampoco the Aztecs and
the Incas, both sacraficed
people to their gods.

What class am I in?
I'm not sure anymore.

My classes are running together!
My head is going to explode!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about Finals!

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A Top Hat Award


I got an award
this morning at my school!
The award is called
a top hat award!

This award is
something that teachers
nominate a student for.
They can be nominated
for basically anything!
Although it must be hard
to pick just one person
to give an award to!

I am proud that
my teacher decided
that I was the
one student that he
wanted to nominate!

It made me feel good
and I got a medal!
Although I'm not sure
whether I should
wear it in my school
all day, like they want,
because I don't want to
irritate anyone,
and I sort of feel
like I'm going to be
drawing alot of
attention to myself.

I got an award at
school this morning,
and I'm glad that
my teacher picked me!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I got an award at school this morning, at my school!

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