A Mother's Heart!

                A mother’s heart!

A mother’s loves is strong and steady a bond from a heart of gold

For nine months she’s carried her child inside a love that will never grow old

The moment the doctor puts her child in her arms she sees a work of art

And nothing in this world will ever compare to that of a mothers heart

She sees her children with eyes that shine as bright as the morning sun

There’s no one quite like her in all the world and her love cannot be undone

She’ll protect her child until her dying breath like she’s done from the very start

A true mother doesn’t have to bare a child to have a mother’s heart

All she needs is to open her heart to let her child in so that he will know

And hand in hand she will walk with her child until he’s had a chance to grow

Only when he is grown and her life on earth is done will she let go and depart

And this to me is how it was meant to be from deep inside a mother’s heart!


       Dedicated to mothers everywhere have a fun filled day you all deserve it 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i write this poem with my mother in mind i sure do miss her !!!!!!!

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What Christmas really means!

       What Christmas really means

Christmas used to mean something but that didn't really last

People now a days have forgotten it's true meaning and quite fast

Christmas isn't about presents, food, or even fancy scenes

One special gift lying in a manger that's what Christmas really means

It isn't about how many things you can get under the tree

Or that perfect ham that youve been glazing I hope you will agree

Christmas means so much more then those decorated evergreens

It means there's Hope for all the world cuz that's what Christmas really means

And when Jesus came to us that night even though he was quite small

It means that for us to go to in heaven he had to make that Call

Christmas means a while lot more then most people know or so it seams

So remember on this joyous day what Christmas really means


         Zoey cup

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one cuz some have forgotten what Christmas is about it's not about what you can give someone or what you can get it's not about presents or that big meal you've prepared it's about good will toward all mankind and helping your fellow man and family getting togethe!!! I hope you like it

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My heart knows

                     my heart knows 

as i think about you tonight i see our future with your hand in mine 

were all alone on a sandy beach basking in our love with our hearts entwine

as i gaze into your eyes so true i fell in love with you and my heart she glows

just to know you feel it too gives me new hope cause my heart knows 

 i would walk a thousand miles and more just to be with you and never rome

for when im there inside your loving arms i will feel like ive come home

your everything i dreamed you'd be and it is you that i have chose

knowing that you love me too makes me smile cause my heart knows

ive been thinking about you all day and when we first will meet

 that has been enough to exelerate my already fast heart beat

you found me on pof tis true but im the lucky one you chose

 fate has played a hand in this i know cause my heart knows








Author's Notes/Comments: 

                     This one was written for my boyfriend hope you all like it!!!

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Your my greatest treasure!

Your my greatest treasure!


You graced Me with your presence the day That you arrived

Then you made your way into my heart and settled there and thrived

You light the world up with your smile and cheer them with your laughter

You bring joy into my life cuz your my greatest treasures

This special woman I see before me makes me proud she calls me Mom

And someday when she too has a child of her own my joy her way will come

The little girl with a skinned up knee knows one day she will Rome

And when you move away from me know in my heart your always home

A tainted past has always followed me thru out my life thus far

But your the one thing from my past to present I'm proud to have you follow

Remembering all those years that we've spent together makes me know for sure

That your my greatest treasures!


    Zoey cup

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one for my daughter when she moved to another state a few months ago hope you'll like it

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Lightning flashes as boulders of thunder,

Clash at each other like ferocious creatures,

Only a few minutes ago it was sunny and bright,

But now it appears even darker than night.

The wind's velocity is reaping my clothes,

The sound of its whooming fury gropes,

And uproots branches and trees from branches,

Such upheavals are sudden avalanches,

Warning people to never be caught unaware,

And a gigantic sound above tells us "beware",

Nature is beautiful and the scenes eye-catching,

But it can change itself and leave us trembling.

How nice that my beloved is safe at home,

And only I have to brave this storm all alone.

Let her be cosily be tucked by the fireside,

Imagining her will make the thunder subside.

The thunder and fury roaring outside,

And even that which is rumbling inside.

My prettiest beloved will be reading a book,

Worried the least about how outside does look.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed in between work, cups of tea, cigarettes and some warnings about how the calm weather outside is slowly changing. The thoughts about my beloved comfort me and make me battle the storm courageously, for, SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!

December 28, 2016. (Wednesday).

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Our parents!

our parents! 2011



our parents wern't rich but we didnt go with out

a roof over our heads we had with out a doubt

the laundry was hung to dry on the hill

we never went hungry our bellys they'ed fill

our mother was special and us kids knew it was so

she would sacrafic her needs so we would all grow

and make us all mind with a kind but firm hand

when we'd disrespect she'd take a firm stand

our dad was the greatest our souls he would care

take us to church and pray with us there

kept us all safe he woud watch us all grow

never leave us alone he loved us all so

we wish they were around we miss them so dear

up to heaven they went to be with god there

but miss them we do we we wish they were here still

even thou time passes there love never will.

dedicated to our parents your love and care made us who we are today

we love you both always and you will never be forgotten



Author's Notes/Comments: 

this one is the second poem i wrote i wanted to tell others about my parents it was writen 2 years after my dad passed away i loved writing this poem i hope you like it


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When i found you! 2015

         when i found you 2015


When i found you I was lonely you knew

with you there's no sorrow i can face tomorrow

you were dear to my heart right from the start

I was really blue when i found you

we have only begun to have lot's of fun

no need to alarm i'm safe in your arm's

because we dont fight it's never felt more right

l felt like a new spring flower when i found you

I went from a zero because you became my hero

It started out as friend's and so It never end's

My love will not part it come's right from my heart

like the owl ask's who I say when I found you!




Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this one for a friend because he is special to me, hes always there and helps me any time i need his help !!!

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Gift's from God!

gift's from god! 2013


I recieved two gift's some year's ago

and i watched both gifts grow

thru the year's you see

and i prayed to god each nite

down on both my knee's

asking for god's help all along the way

too see them thru there day's

i know that they had trial's

that would seem like walking mile's

i still cared for them with all my love

with the help from god above

i dried there tear's when they fell

they we're happy i could tell

now that there all grown

and will have gift's of there own

i hope i taught them all i could

so they will know all they should

and have the courage when they too

have gift's from god like i do


you both are loved more than you know

love mom!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem came easy i wrote about my children, they are what kept me alive after i got out of st marys, they truely are a gift from God!!!!

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Sick Ritual

As fast as the sun seems to come up, and go down,
Integument lost, now bones becoming exposed,
Heart slows down, sniffing dust and dirt up your nose,
Tears have dried, and life fading fast,
A drink of warm water might help you get past
This execution delivered by thoughtless tradition.


We cry your tears for you child,
But we bow to our own submission,
The price love is asking,
Seems won't come to fruition.


Sweet, sweet baby your prison cell you found,
Mama's at work, Daddy's nowhere to be found,
We know you were starving for love when you lost your mind,
We never meant this for be left behind,
Everyone's making their own stories about you,
How you shot up the school, and left only a few,
This other hunger goes unnoticed when a belly is full,
The love that you needed, we see now, had grown dull.


We cry your tears for you child,
But we bow to our own submission,
The price love is asking,
Seems won't come to fruition.


We're starving the children,
We're starving ourselves,
All along on this road, have we paved this pathway to hell?
How do we change it? A penny at a time?
Is the tithe not enough? Perhaps we've created this crime?
Where did we falter along the righteous way?
Can we ever correct our mistakes? Can we say?


We cry your tears for you child,
But we bow to our own submission,
The price love is asking,
Seems won't come to fruition.


Beautiful minds frought with beautiful dreams,
Beautiful failures that tear at the seams,
In the midst of discoveries, this age of lament,
Maybe it's time we see clear, and repent?
Maybe if we all looked on the inside,
We could turn this around and not run, fight, or hide?
Some lack nutrition so long that it's foreign to their eyes,
Others lack understanding...and when it's given, do not even recognise,
One child bears a smile from a small morsel of food,
The other can't smile, unless he's being rude.


Sweet little babies, made from heaven above,
Perhaps the step missing

When we climbed 'Maslow's Scale' is... love.



10:07 PM 4/20/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just some thoughts on the importance of teaching love and authenticity to children and each other. Life is beautiful when we cherish what we feel with our hearts and not our hands. There is hope and promise in the future if we use our knowledge to benefit things of the spirit in ourselves and our children.

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