School can be stupid,

School can be fun!

it won't bring you cupid,

but you'll get your work done!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is kind of, well, stupid, but, if you think about it, it is kinda true!

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This is what pisses me off


I'll never for the life of me understand how kids can be so cruel

how for some kids it is a danger to walk foot inside your own school

kids make fun of others and call them horrible names

bully them till they are almost blue in the face

and teachers just standing by watching it happen doing nothing at all

as these kids have to worry every time they turn the corner of a hall

and these kids can only take so much imagine having to go somewhere every day

only to be made fun of, be beat up, be torchured, why would they want to stay

how long will we wait to take action, what will have to happen before we interfere

how much longer will we leave these kids going to school in complete fear

how many more tears will we let these kids go home and cry

how much longer will we let them be isolated and die inside

well I don't want to wait any longer, I don't want to watch this happen anymore

these kids will never forget what we let happen to them so what are we waiting for

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just heard that one of my friends from high school who is a junior is now being home schooled because he couldn't stay in the high school any longer because of how badly the kids were bullying him for being homosexual.  Apparently the school didn't do a damn thing to help him which doesn't suprise me.  I sit and think and wonder how kids can be so cruel.  This is something that really pisses me off and when I found out about my friend I was just so pissed off.

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Oh My God!

Oh my God, it feels like it’s over,

I’ve known Sundorne for 5 whole years.

I hope that part of me will stay here,

While my friends and I grab our careers!

I will definitely miss the daily drama.

From the bitching and tying Sega to a fence,

To “Who got with who?”

And staring at exam questions that make no sense.

I won’t be seeing his face in the corridors,

Or hers, writing on the toilet wall.

No more chasing for a seat in the social area,

Or ducking so we don’t get hit by the ball.

I remember labelling the Sponsored Walk completely wrong,

And waving when we’re on coaches to “exotic” places.

Or even getting a sore throat on Sports Day,

Shouting for any member of G in the races.

Oh my God, it feels like it’s over,

I’ve known my friends for 5 whole years.

We’ll stick together through this change,

As we go and try to reach our wanted careers!

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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      i was mostly invisible today

    and when people looked at me

they saw walls behind me and floors under me and plastic waste containers and

      a ripple, an incorporeal outline

that spooked them so they didn't take my chair or erroneously find themselves sitting in my lap

      i was mostly invisible today

except when i was a levitating guitar, strumming itself translucent in the starewell

except when i was a bottle of white-out, a girl had made a mistake

except when i was another pencil, filling in circles and writing my name on a piece of paper

  and when i was a number on its way to a boardroom to be taken down, tallied, torn apart

  in search of the invisible truth

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Pale as the moon,

Skinny as a tree,

She has the looks,

But what about me?

She's popular,

I'm not,

Everything I want to be,

Everthing I sought.

She has the eyes,

The beautiful hair,

These are the traits,

That popular people share.

The attitude is a bit nasty,

Making fun of the rest of us,

Calling us names like losers and nerds,

Because we don't dress like skanks or cus.

To leave the life of loserhood,

Is all I want to do,

What's wrong with that?

A loser trying to be like you?

Still I sit here,

Holding my dreams,

Creating my own little dream world,

As though it seems.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In my school, I am branded as a loser, being walked on by the popular people. There hasn't been a moment that I haven't wished I could be in the popular group.

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School Day


Shhh, can you hear it?

The Sun rises into the sky, shining upon the old and tired thicket,

The music of nature filling the pine scented air,

Sunlight spreads across the land ever so slowly with time to spare.

Beep Beep Beep, there's the alarm! Get up and get dressed

Did you put on your very best?

Get ready to go, nothing is left behind,

Don't forget to get your report card signed!

Good! You're ready to go,

Homework done and you're ready to show,

Out the door with your backpack on,

Mom runs out to tell you about your lunch but too late, you're already gone.

Ring Ring Ring and music plays,

You think of only 5 more days,

You step inside your classroom,

But soon as you take your seat, you have to leave to use the bathroom.

Bell rings once more,

Grab your things and head out the door,

Next period, a piece of cake!

Oh boy, a test you have to retake.

Thats ok, you know your mistakes,

Give it what you've got, whatever it takes,

Finally you're done, but the last minutes are slowly passing by,

You can only wait with a loud and heavy sigh.

Another ring and you step into your next four rooms,

The end of the day, finally! Your science teacher speaks of the different kind of moons,

Homework is passed out and you begin to start,

The last bell rings and out the door you dart.

Home at last in your safe warm house,

Feeding small pellets to your small little mouse,

With a smile you turn towards your desk,

Defeating the next awaiting task.

Great job! Your homeworks done,

Now you can play and have some fun!

Outside your friends still play,

Play play play, play the day away.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem for no certain reason. I just thought of school and wrote it on paper about what my day at school is like.

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#11- "Exams"

What stressful times are these,

That they put us through.

The homework and studying,

Haven't we got enough to do?

We've got our own problems,

Like relantionships and depression.

The pain and heartache of defeat,

Stop keeping us in this oppression!

We're so stressed out,

By quizzes and tests.

We need time to just veg,

So give it a rest!

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I'd like to report a malfunction in the brain..

bored to death

sitting and staring

dozing off

it's raining hard


da leaves are falling

as the wind blows it away

so i can't go out

da power's out

watch tv?


write a stupid poem?


wit nothing to do

and nothing to say

i blankly stare

into space...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote it in class.. but it's not about skool.. i jus don't know what category..

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Skippin' Class

There is a bluff,

A bluff I’ve stood on many times.

Often I would wonder,

How long & far I’d slide.

Would I make to the lake?

Of falsified beauty.

Or would I stop upon the trees?

With the ever swaying duty.

I stood at the edge of oblivion,

With sanity in tact.

I stood in fain amazement,

As they came swinging back.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Swing swing

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