My mind is leaving my brain

It's as cloudy as smoke from a train

Since high school has been out

I've been off the educational route

I yearn for an essay to write

I wouldn't care if it takes all night

Give me some logic problems to solve

My thoughts and dreams need to evolve

I wish I had money to spend

So education the college would lend

Learning material is what I need

From it my brain would feed

Author's Notes/Comments: 

April 23, 2005

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How we all change,

It was an amazing night,

And I am so glad I went,

Did not stay long,

But that is ok,

It was so amazing to see everyone,

It felt a little unreal,

Five years has passed,

We are who we are,

All a little different,

Maybe a little the same,


Its been five years,

I was not sure how it was going to go,

It was so amazing,

Who knows what we will be like in five more years,

Life is amazing,

See you all again,

In five years,

MLHS class of 2002.



misty yanish

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Empty White Papers

I’m sick of what is happening.

I really hate what I'm doing.

I’m like an ill-patient lying,

Waiting for hours while dying.

Lot of answers was missing

on these eight white papers without anything.

I nearly did surrendering

but the strange voice wanted fighting.

My interests aren’t on this engineering sh*t thing.

I don't even like numbers and f*cking computing.

If I could start again from the beginning,

I should have not stop from believing.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this was made during my integral calculus class. i was having an exam and i dont have anything to write on the paper which happens to be the answer sheet.. the paper is empty. i just wrote this at the back of the paper. thinking nothing but this.

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Krista's Graduation


Who is it that knows about a heavy heart?

And aches and pains and getting tired.

Who smiles away your tears when they start?

And tells you how much you are admired?

Someone loved you through thick and thin

With your moons of blue and days of gold

They comforted you when you didn’t win

And changed your diapers and wiped your chin

You seemed to grow up all too fast

With new clothes and books you went to school

Your days as a child didn’t seem to last

But you learned to live by the golden rule

You know that was not all you learned

And you made your mother proud

Of all the credits that you earned

And graduated with your friendly crowd

Congratulations - DJ

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Krista Caldwell's graduation from high school, 2007

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Sounds of Heritage

all others

I walk through the halls of Heritage High School everyday.

I discover people talking and having interesting conversations.

I listen to six different teachers, teach six different subjects in six different ways.

I observe couples walking down the halls holding hands and wish I was one of them.

I discover some couples standing in the hallways hugging or kissing between classes.

There are people walking slowly just to get on peoples nerves.

There are cliques walking down the halls telling inside jokes.

I hear the same annoying bell everyday to dismiss us from classes.

I hear teachers yell at students for swearing in the halls.

I watch the students get tired of school after one whole week.

I observe and watch things as I sit in the student center at lunch.

I see sports teams all sitting together and talking about the last big game.

I see the quiet girl who can’t find anyone to sit with so she just sits alone.

I watch the cliques walk by and laugh together as if they were all telling jokes.

People sitting alone, people sitting with friends, and others still who eat with strangers.

I hear commotion from students because of the fight over chairs.

I hear students complaining because there’s not enough food.

I watch the kind lunch ladies pick up after lazy students.

I listen to the students talk about their homework and teachers.

And listening to the students and facility talk about the rest of the day.  

As I observe these things I ponder at thoughts of high school students:

When you’re in high school it seems like your life is useless,

But when you think about it, it’s just a stepping stone in your life.

High school seems useless to most teenagers until they graduate.

Even some students think these thoughts after they complete high school.

When thinking about giving up, just think of your main goal.

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Freshmen are:

The lowest class

That starts High School

They have a blast

But they don't rule.

Sophomores Can:

Do much more

Then freshmen Seek

Are no longer Sore

From freshmen week

Juniors may:

Know the Alma Mater

have one year left

study harder

for A's not F's

Seniors will:

Be the king of the crop

The ones the can't stop

For freshmen they'll drop

The only on Top!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

June 14,1998

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Longest Day of My Life

Older Poems

Won’t this day ever end?

Just wanna go home

Talk with friends

But this day just keeps draggin’ on.

Tryin’ to keep myself awake.


It’s the longest day of my life.

Just waitin’ to go home

No more tests and no more crap

Wanna throw it out the window

Won’t this day ever end?

I just wanna go home and get with friends.

Draggin through math

The clock ticking at my back

Wanna speed up time

Get outta this class

Why are we learning this crap?

What about science,

I don’t care.

I’d do anything

To get this class outta my hair.

Molecules and atoms are too small to see

So why do they keep freaking bothering me?


And even English is all jumbled

All the teacher ever does is mumble

Grammar, spelling, all that jazz

Know it all already,

Get me outta this class!

Even if I like it,

It lasts far too long

Throw down the book

Burst out in song

Maybe just maybe

It’ll keep me awake!


And there goes the bell

I head out with the swell

Gonna go home tonight

Hang out with friends till midnight

Then it’s home again to go to sleep

It’s gonna be like this all week

This is the longest day of my life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written as a song, it shows how bored I was in math that period when I wrote it.

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It's Tough to be a Teacher too

It’s Tough to be a Teacher too

Clark Steven Lupton

November 23, 2005

You have to wake up early

And you have to study hard, it’s true

It’s a hard life being a student

But it’s tough being a teacher too

She has to check the homework

Of all you girls and boys

And she has to prevent you from getting bored

While she puts up with all your noise

She has to plan your lessons for the day

And make it interesting for each and every one

And even though you’re dismissed at 3

She has to stay and make another one

She has to know her subject well

Her goal is to make sure you learn

And she has to be objective

Of the grades you try to earn

You know that you can get unruly

This is an undeniable fact

You say nice things to her face

But make fun of her behind her back

Speaking in front of people

Is man’s number one fear

Just imagine how your teacher does it

For ten months of the year

And to correct all that homework and those tests,

Which would be 10 pounds if she weighs them!

And teaching isn’t just about talking about a lot of facts

It’s also how she’ll explain them

Your life as a student may be hard

The reasons are more than few

But you should be aware that

It’s tough to be a teacher too!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I told myself I would write a poem to submit to Meg Magazine, which has a poetry page for teenagery topics like school and friendship. After three months since jotting down the address I thunk up an idea, why not combine the topics of school stress for the student with why it's also hard to be a teacher?

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Bullying can lead to suicide


B ullies

U tilize people as targets because

L ike many others, emotion is

L ocked inside the growing

Y ouths soul and mind.

I nteracting with

N eglected children -fighting back-

G ives them the opportunity of repeating their actions.

C hildren can ask for help

A swell, though some might be afraid of asking. It's only part of

N ature that we fear something probably bigger than us.

L et the bully know you are not afraid.

E veryone can stop the bullying that is progressing in schools,

A verbal and some times physical weapon that people choose not to help stop.

D eath can sometimes happen if too much abuse of any kind takes place.

T hink about it, your

O pinion on the matter counts.

S o stop and try to

U nderstand what

I s happening

C arelessly around

I n

D ifferent schools

E verywhere.

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