My Classes Are Running Together!


I've been studying
for such a long time, now!

All the information I'm learning,
is getting all jumbled up in my head!

La semana pasada
means last week.
Mr. Bohr made the Bohr model
for those in math!

Oh, wait...
that's not right...
Mr. Bohr made the Bohr model
for Chemistry!

Tampoco the Aztecs and
the Incas, both sacraficed
people to their gods.

What class am I in?
I'm not sure anymore.

My classes are running together!
My head is going to explode!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about Finals!

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Middle Class

If you got to college on your family's savings, if not, pick a class at random and be there - I do - it's easier - Lady A


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Lol, thanks. I've started

Lol, thanks. I've started doing the two classes that I have the next day, and studying them.