Parallel Poem Two

Rumpled sheet

Of paper

The length

Apparent bulk

A man


Slowly over


The street

Car drove

Upon it

Crushed to

The ground.

It rose

Again rolling

With wind

Over as


Author's Notes/Comments: 

8th grade portfolio. I'm not sure about the parallel poem thing, it must had to have some type of rhyme scheme maybe or about a certain thing. I honestly don't remember or even what this is about, but I guess it sounds cool.... doesn't it? haha

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I saw a lime

I bought it with a dime,

A fake one, like a mime's

I did not know it, but at the time

I was being chased down by a store guy.

I did not know why as he passed me by

So he could halt me down for the dime

Since I had gotten it from the free sampled limes

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another one I made for my 8th grade portfolio. At the time this one was probably my favorite. It's kinda corny, but it's all good.

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Color Blue

From as light as the sky to as dark as the Navy,

Blue is the color that reminds me when It's hazy.

It's every where in the water, or in the cold,

Put them together and make an ice mold.

The new flavors of blue in our food,

The lollipops and ice cream taste really good.

Of the blue raspberry, or blue berries,

It tastes a whole lot better than anything dairy.

Skating on the frozen lakes of ice,

It may be cold, but it would be nice.

The emotion of blue is sadness,

But all I feel inside is happiness.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had to make a poem portfolio in 8th grade, and there was a cirriculum for all of the poems.

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Candle Light

The light glows from off m desk

The illuminated room unlike the rest

As I sit in m humble nest

     The candle burns and it slowly drips

But it is not the candle that facsinates me

But the part that's been handed from my family

The hand crafted holder with its simplicity

     Made from a fine wood oof just one strip

From my Grandpa's abode

Living along the country road

He worked for no one he owed

     Only giving, and for his great legacy

He left behind all his things

So future generations could bring,

This work of art after his passing

      And for a monuement in the family

Now as I enjoy the light so deep

It helps me at night to go to sleep

It makes me proud to have the holder to keep

      As I was handed the gift I smiled

So when I'm older, I can tell the tale

My Grandpa's thought and work to hail

As for the tradition, I will not fail

      I will give the candle holders to my child

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In 11th grade I had to make a poem of some object that had sentimental value to me as part of my final exam. I made it after these candle holders I made in 8th grade, and just made up the whole part about my Grandpa etc. So basically it's a true story but I had to follow this rhyme scheme too.

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High School

High school sometimes feels like a jail

The walls so cold so lonely

The windows so small so pail

The halls so crowded yet so empty

Among the fields of faces I am in solitude

High school

The instrument of a higher education

Crafted so unemotionally

Caged in small classrooms

Made to act so socially

Forced in to literature or computations

The thought of tomorrow being the same so clear

My mind, my only strong-hold against the desolation

But somewhere my it's saying the only way out is death or graduation

Author's Notes/Comments: 

uh had to write something for school so decided to write it about school

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Last day of Junior School

Nine great years of harmless fun,

Protected in the gentle arms of love,

Laughter, companionship and exploration,

Causing all types of mayhem under the sun.

Final day crept along so sly,

The last time we’ll meet eachothers innocence,

Sorrow, tears falling from dark eyes,

Never before had we seen eachother cry.

Time to face a brand new world,

No longer wrapped in the wings of home,

Worry, expectations and new faces,

A new world has unfurled.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem to reflect my feelings on the last day of my Junior School. If only I could go back there now! lol :P

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What did I leave behind?


What did I leave behind?

There's a certain fear growing in my mind

I can't help thinking there's something missing

I think I've got the picture of us kissing...

What did I leave behind?

Did I leave behind a piece of my mind?

A piece of my heart, my body, my soul?

I put it in the fire to burn with the coal

I can't leave behind this wonderful place

All the pictures of your lovely face

They drift through my mind as I fall asleep

And then I wake screaming and I start to weep

I wish this day had never come

My heart's own beating is my drum

Waging war on my empty dorm

My college life is not the norm

Author's Notes/Comments: 

9-16-03...MY BIRTHDAY!!

Don't know WHERE this came from..o.O

Sheesh, I'm nowhere near college..Well, not really.

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Under Teens


Ice creams, chocolate, nuts, chips, cold drinks

Sure is tastier than monotonous homemade

Fish, rice, lentil, veggies-

Dig in mom's bag

Dress in pink, wear lipstick her

Scarf and hairclips-

Non-stop T.V. cartoons,

Cut paper with scissors into bits,

Make weird shapes.

Enjoy P.T. in school, and games

Tell tales numerous

Thus, avoid canes to save face.

Crosswords, computer paintings,

Quarrel now and then with classmates

Over rubber, pen and pencils-

Chat at school gate

Choose, school bus last seats

Noisy karaoke sessions win in competitions.

Buy colourful displays

Crepe papers, adventure stories; all these

Prefer more than maths, exams, and tedious studies.

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Board at home 2

personal poems

You laze around home with no energy because of the heat of summer;

You try so hard to keep cool but with no air conditioning, it's a bummer.

There is only 2 weeks till you go back to school for another year to quickly start sailing;

You are now brave enough to study and defeat your fear of failing.

Your friends now show up and you share stories of your summer gone by;

But you are all of a sudden late and to class you fly.  

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