I’m sitting here in class

Don’t really know how much time has passed

Watching some crap on TV

Economics class. . . Please, someone kill me

Only 2nd block

No point looking at the clock

There talking about liberty

Been in high school for 4 years. . . What the fuck is liberty?

20 more minutes till the bell rings and I gotta stand up

Same thing every day. . . This is so fucked up

Oh look its Thomas Edison, he discovered electricity

In this moment, he’s the cause of my misery

School makes me live in my own little box of hate

I’d much rather stay at home and masturbate

Oh shit, teacher saw what I just wrote

Looks like she isn’t gonna take it as just a joke

She’s says that’s real funny Andrew, but the fun and games are over,

And now you got yourself some extra homework

-sigh- only 12 minutes left


3rd block won’t be any better I bet

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just messing around in class 2010

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High School Graduate

I became a High School Graduate twenty years ago today. My diploma has today's date on it but I didn't actually receive it until two weeks later on July the 5th. I dropped out of High School in 1986 but years later, I took a High School correspondence course through the mail with ICS (International Correspondence Schools). A few people thought that what I received was a GED. It's not a GED. It's a regular High School diploma.


While I took the correspondence course, I never once failed. That made me proud. The lowest grade that I received was an 80. ICS put out an Honor Roll a few times each year. Because my grades were so good, my name appeared on the Honor Roll at least four times.


I began taking the correspondence course in April of 1993 and I graduated twenty-six months later. When I began, I remember that I was in a hurry to study Science. Luckily, Science was the second subject that ICS required its students to study. Studying and getting passing grades at this school was no easy task but I did succeed.


When I dropped out of High School nearly thirty years ago, it was a mistake. But when I dropped out, I promised myself that I would one day graduate. I'm happy and very proud that I kept that promise. If you are in High School, don't make the same mistake that I made. Don't drop out.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a true story.

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So very grateful of education

For the staff’s hard work and dedication


How thankful we will be

Ready for the future intelligently


Though there are limits

For our power and permits


The overload on our shoulder

Makes us aggressive and bolder


The pressure of work that we bear

Are substantial to our boundary wear


How much great expectations you hold

That’s the reason we sold our souls


When we do simple mistake it’s considered a crime

How much you want us to know in 2 weeks time


Stress, depression, panic, and anxiety

Are all the effects of this kind of society


The burden we carry

Is hurtful and heavy


We want to be enlightened

Not exhausted and frightened


We want to know and learn


But there is a line for our concern

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Manhattan Kindergarten



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He had been a high ranking officer in a previous life.
When he was reborn during the 40's, his parents
sent him to a Manhattan kindergarten, where at the
age of 5, he led his classmates out the open window
of the schoolroom, down the fireescape, down the
sidewalk to the light, and across the street to
Central Park . The school administrator asked his parents
to find him another school.


(per his sister JMF)


-saiom shriver-

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Christina was with friends
schoolgirls like her
and she saw me


coming across
the sports field
she left them


and met me
and I heard them
cackle like hens


I’d turned down
Reynard's game
of football


to be there
what's tickling
their fancy?


I asked
towards the girls


on the field
O you know
what girls are like


any juicy bit
of gossip
to bite on


what gossip is that?
about the gym
and us the other day


she said
and that prefect
turfing us out


O that
I said
looking at her eyes


seeing worlds there
I wish I was in your year
she said


then I
would be leaving school
this year


instead of next
shouldn't wish
your life away


or before you know it
you'll be an old lady
with grey hair


and wrinkles
God forbid
she said smiling


we walked up
the field together
she talked


of her parent's rowing
and her mother's moods
and how her big brother


had  done things
but then she broke off
and talked


of the girl in her class
who thought
she was dying


because she had
started to bleed
during P.E


we got to fence
which separated
the field from the road


where cars and lorries
were going by
she looked back


at the field
we don't get
enough time together


she said
you being
in a village


miles away
and I living
in this boring town


at least we do
see each other
I said


not enough
of each other though
she said


her lips stopped
and parted slightly
I gazed at her


for a few moments
taking in her eyes
and lips


that kiss
in the gym
she said


that could have
led somewhere
could it?


I said
yes it may
she said


someone called my name
across the field


who the heck is that?
she said
my mate Reynard


I said
what's he want?
football game I expect


you're not going
to play football
are you?


she said
I waved away Rolland
indicating I wasn't playing


and he ran off
with other boys
towards the goals


on the other end
of the field
she looked at the boys


kicking a ball around
never understand boys
she said


what do they see
in kicking a ball about?
never mind them


I said
we have limited
time together


she nodded
and she looked back
at the field seeing


who was nearby
and who was who
then she came


close to me
and kissed me
her lips warm


and wet
skin on skin
tongues touched


a fire like sense
raced along
my nerves


I closed my eyes
and so did she
and we were


in places
and positions
in our minds


we wanted
to be.

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Reynard and I
held back
after biology
while the other kids


had gone
and we walked up
the corridor
I could have scored that goal


if Goldfinch
hadn't got
in my way


he's always
where you don't
want him to be
Reynard said


I saw Jeanette
walking ahead of us
with her blonde friend Angela
Jeanette had class


I thought
her friend
was a short
mouthy girl


but Jeanette
was quite reserved
and looked at you
as if you had stepped


in her sunshine
but I liked her
and that quick kiss
I snatched the other day


still felt stuck

on my lips
Angela had short tight
blonde curls


Jeanette had long
dark hair reaching
her shoulders
I gazed


at her thin figure
her arms by her side
the satchel
over her shoulder


Reynard was still talking
about the football lunchtime
I was looking
at Jeanette’s sway


of hips almost unseen
yet visible
to the trained eye
the way her legs


came down
to her well heeled shoes
the white ankle socks
think we ought


to try get Frazer
on our side
he'd be great in goal
better than Dunton


the prat
he couldn't save a goal
if the ball
was as big as he was


Reynard said
yes we must get Frazer
I said
wondering how I’d get


that kiss
that Jeanette promised
the lips tempting
and her cheek


just visible
the place my lips
the other day


and the kiss
just stayed there
and wouldn't
go away.


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Christina called
as I got off
the school bus


I went over
to her
standing by
the wire fence


the girls' playground
she took my arm
and walked me


along the fence
out of earshot
of others
I dreamed


of you last night
she said
did you now
I said


watching a prefect
looking over
what was I up to?
that would be telling


she said
that's the point
I said
some girls


were playing skip rope
singing a rhyming song
she looked at me
with her brown eyes


you kissed me
she said
is that all?
I said


the prefect  was walking
over towards us
his lanky frame


at a steady pace
it was a long kiss
she said
how long?


I asked
I didn't time it
she said
but it was good


made me feel
all unnecessary
as I heard
my cousin say


when she stayed
with us
what are you two
up to?


the prefect asked
he said to me
should be making


your way
to the boys' playground
not here
chatting up girls


looked at him
then at me
she dreamed of me


last night
I said
she was just
telling me


I bet no one
dreams of you
I added
looking at


the lanky prat
do you want to go
to the headmaster?
he said


giving me
the stern eye
was looking at me


her eyes like
melted chocolate
got to go
I said to her


see you lunch time
at recess
on the field
I walked off


the prefect stared
after me
Christina stood
with her hands


in front of her
her thumbs playing
with each other
I turned before


I went out of sight
and blew
her a kiss
which she pretended


to catch and put in
her school skirt pocket
the prefect scowled at her
as she walked away


patting my blown kiss
next to her thigh
easing out
a school girl sigh.

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Jeanette looked
back at me in class
I was at the back
with Reynard


on the history lesson
as best we could
the text books open


before us
some colour picture
of a cave man
with a spear


and dressed in fur
and some cave girl
standing beside
looking butt ugly


Reynard said
in whispered breath
Jeanette’s eyes
were focused on me


dark looking
her hair long
and dark
thin hands


and frame
she looked away again
her narrow shoulders
full to view


the teacher
was chalking words
upon the board


after sentence
in a measured script
I thought about
the quick peck


on Jeanette's cheek
at lunch recess
just so
quick in and out


before she had time
to say or breathe
or feel the affects
to make her swoon


or sick or both
I scribbled
on the exercise page  
in untidy scrawl


Reynard muttering
about the cave girl's tits
about hair


under her arms
but I was focused
on Jeanette’s line
of curve


the way her
narrow waist
went in and out
so narrow


I’d get my arms
all about
dark hair
on her shoulders


well brushed
or combed
the head


at an angle
as if to scrutinize
the writing
on the board


take in the words
and sense
and write it down
in her (I imagined


far finer hand
than mine
going by the smooth


of her fingers and pen)
maybe I could
kiss her again
I thought


some place
some when.

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Dear school

Dear school i hate you very much.

I wish you destroy and crush.

I hate you really bad.

You make me really mad.

Dear school please burn down.

And make me feel safe and sound.

I wake up everyday.

And wish that you'll just go away.

Dear school why dont you just drop dead.

Your makeing me go crazy in my head.

Dear school just please die.

You make me wanna cry.

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