Is Antigone a Study of Human Actions, with Complex Emotions. Why?

Sophocles play Antigone is a great example of an Ancient Greek poem. This tragedy is full of questions that were important for people a long time ago and did not lose its actuality until now. The main heroes are searching for truth – should they follow their hearts and unwritten rules of society or listen to decisions of kings and rulers? Sophocles play shows the whole range of people’s emotions – love for family, anger, pain from losing close people, and desperation.
Each character of Sophocles tragedy fights with his fears and prejudice. Internal conflict tors apart the main heroine of the play. Antigone has to go against society and disobey decree of her uncle Creon, in order to follow her family duty and the words of the ancestors. She truly believes that Polyneices has to be buried according to all the rules and traditions. Antigone is shown as a brave woman, who stays faithful to her believes, even knowing that she can die. “But I will bury him [Polyneices]; and if I must die, I say that this crime is holy: I shall lie down With him in death, and I shall be as dear To him as he to me” (Sophocles 55-58). She cannot see anything wrong in her actions; she believes her crime is “pure” and will be forgiven by gods and people.
Creon is shown as a cruel dictator, who put law and government higher than fear for gods and respect to traditions. He is listening neither to Antigone nor his son Haemon. He believes in what he is doing and does not have mercy even to his niece. He realized his mistakes only after losing everyone he loves – his son and wife. “Big words are always punished, And proud men in old age learn to be wise” (1041-1042) – these words show that Creon gains his wisdom only through the taste of loss and suffering.
Play “Antigone” is a reflection of that time society. Sophocles perfectly described heroes’ inner conflicts. It is a real study of human actions, the story of  internalfight and a great book of people’s emotions.
Works Cited
Sophocles. Antigone. An English Version by Dudley Fitts and Robert Fitzgerald, 1 st ed., Brace and company, 1939.
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The 30-Second Trick for Satire Essay From Rocketpaper

satire essay

Implementing satire the right manner enables you to earn impact statements which would otherwise fall level. Practicing often will supply you with more confidence about ways to compose a satire essay. The same holds for college comedy, if you're interested in learning satire in movie form.

The most acceptable language, perfect quantity of irony, and a great dose of sarcasm are the components for an excellent satiric read. When figuring out how to write a satire essay, it's critical to bring a strategy that's part witty and part ridiculous. If it comes to satire, don't be reluctant to exaggerate points and utilize hyperbole to enhance the effect of your message.

The Satire Essay Game

In truth, it's more enjoyable to write since you're permitted to place your own imagination and your individual perspectives in your essay. Clearly every student thinks they have written professional essays but really they haven't because there are a number of standards and should your essay is unable to fulfill those criteria then there's not any way you have written professional essays. Feb 23, you've created original essays concerning the amazing depression by.

Naturally, in order in order for it to be outstanding, you require some suggestions so as to turn your essay interesting to see. Your mentor may also be in a position to provide you tips about how to further hone your thesis subject for superior reception. An essay was defined in a number of means.

The concept supporting a satire suggestion would be to poke pleasure for an individual or a specific group of individuals. Very excellent satire essay topics are those which are in a position to enhance your reader's interest. Various kinds of satire may also be classified in line with the topics it deals with.

Satire Essay - Is it a Scam?

Writers can also select controversial topics, like the manufacturing and farming processes popular in america. Locating a topic for a satirical issue shouldn't be difficult. Constructed by rsantoneray utilizing mla format.


Satire Essay

how to write a satire essay

Throughout the book, Voltaire advances the notion that the world is not quite as great as it could be. Explain in 1 paragraph or even a single sentence, if at all possible, the origin or issue you're opposing or supporting. Your writing needs to be potent enough to make people behave on the circumstance.

Our site was made to make certain you will create the very best surprise and work your professor. To write an outstanding paper you will have to be quite creative in order to keep the reader engaged while reading your newspaper. I would be impressed if I were able to discover the response to ethics in a tiny paper like this.

Even if one doesn’t love teaching it's an extremely rewarding job on account of the wages. I'm a sort of ages department. You could say, for instance, that going to college naked would indicate that parents would not need to cover their pupils' clothing, which can be a pricey thing because students are constantly attempting to receive their parents to cover the most popular faddish designers.

And there are many resources these days that you don't have any excuse to not learn by yourself. If you have got many choices, what you only need to do is to select. All services need to be transported to the child in that setting.

What About Satire Essay?

Whenever a few essay formats lend themselves to outlines in the first phases of planning, other methods work nicely in satire. Repeated exposure makes it feasible for the satirists to create a more powerful authoritative ethos. Exaggeration is among the most popular satirical practices.

It should reflect a substantial procedure and also a keen consciousness of the elements of effective prose. These components are made by the writer utilizing specific setting, structure and diction. Based on the level you're writing at a general overview could be appropriate, or you may want to concentrate on one element of auditing in detail.

If everyone does something a particular way, then that might be ideal for societal conditions. To genuinely understand something you've got to acquire in the way that it works. It is inclined to condemn the topic issue.

In case the speaker does not particularly care for what he or she's arguing, it is going to be quite obvious. Begin contemplating how both functions compare to one another. Due to this very reason, plenty of individuals find it difficult to compose this sort of essay. Rocketpaper can write a satire essay for you.

Satire Essay - Dead or Alive?

You already understand what topic you will discuss and what is going to be your principal purpose, and you already identified who will be your crowd. It is possible to also ensure you use interesting vocabulary but never fail to include common sense. It is apparent that you're describing someone who cannot be larger than an elephant, that's why it sounds funny.

Look past the apparent differences and see whether there are not ways where the stories are alike. We don't know the manner it is possible for all of us to freely determine our own partners, but it has to be possible for us when we want to think about ourselves as morally responsible beings. It couldn't be further from the reality.

It might be comforting to attempt to look for a plus side to the losses which many are enduring at the moment. You are able to choose anything linked to societal, political, ecological, or financial problems. The reason is about producing an unexpected source of something.

The Nuiances of Satire Essay

You do not need to wash your own hair, in truth, doing this would rid yourself of those organic oils which develop with time and really hold your hair style set up. It's been a fairly crucial part of my life ever since I might find a pen. The satirical style is enjoyable, but you have to stay within certain limits, dependent on your viewers.

They're awarded seven minutes to produce their case. Reading is something that is slowly increasing even in the distant sections of earth. We're in your shoes a year or two past, therefore we understand the challenges you face each day.


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Young Fools




Little mind slave

little bitch


Your useless degrees

to wipe your shit


consumer for life,

consumer of lies


Trapt in the perception of left and right,

go vote and support the crime!!!!!!!!!!

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Poem about Matthew Benson

A white kid, that's what he is.

Plays baseball, also a math wiz.

Polytechnic University is his dream school.

Because his dad went there and he wants to be cool.


Hair as brown as poop.

Skin as soft as rocks.

Personality as rich as plain soup.

He also handles stocks.


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Online College Course

I'm taking a class,

taking an online class,

taking an online college class.


I finished most of my

credits last year,

and the principals

wanted me to graduate early.




that's not something

that I would want to do.



we agreed on my

taking an online class,

so I could get started on

collecting credits for college.



It's a strange kind of way

to be in a class,

but I'm actually starting to like it!



I'm taking a class,

taking an online class,

taking an online college class.


And I think I'll do great!

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Girl after a girl: Events unforgettable



Part I


1) With a ‘to’ and a ‘fro’ in her throat,

something she did note,

as on a piece of paper, she wrote

"I can't like you, for you don't know -

I got to go away - to which I can't say No."

Well, every girl is so so pretty.


2) With her legs beside me, so stiff

and -to save me- her hands with great mischief,

she conveys to the punishment chief -

"Oh Ma'am? How can he be guilty?

As this is his first moment to my proximity!"

Well, every girl is so so pretty.


3) With all her teeth and gums out

and her tiny eyes so stout,

she beckons me with a shout -

"Go! I won't talk anymore to you.

How much I am hurt, you never knew."

Well, every girl is so so pretty.


4) With real tears in her eyes

and five of her fingers glued to rice,

maybe yes, twice - she cries -

"How would you know how much I moan!

For, never you, I am disturbed alone."

Well, every girl is so so pretty.


5) With a big grin at my face,

but with a big cry, the very next phase,

at my back this time, she says -

"He wouldn't have really scolded me,

If, even little, he had ever read me."

Well, every girl is so so pretty.


6) With a rise in all her gaze over the book,

when asked for her verses, she gave me an eerie look.

Soon, she wrote for me; Almost a month it took! -

"Though difficult, try to remember me

for, perhaps many for you, though you're alone for me."

Well, every girl is so so pretty.


From a girl, only another girl keeps one away,

but not from past nor future, for there're many more girls, I say.

An event with a girl can give a great kick start

that can lead anyone, till many suns set.

Memories of brain written from heart -

a few of many incidents I could not forget!


Part II


7) With drops falling down as she bends

her neck, in some reunion -she attends

after a year- she tells our friends -

Long back, He stopped talking to me.

Neither a hello nor a glance – as if I’m his enemy.

Well, every girl is so so pretty.


8) With a smile -she leaves the lab- too fake one

and with swollen eyes -returns in- pointing none.

Then, a message leaves her, following the sun -

A friend can be anything, but not a sister!

So, please don’t ever call me so, you mister!

Well, every girl is so so pretty.


9) With good red expressions – contorted,

while issues were being sorted

out about my interest in her, her words parted –

Oh, now please stop it! I want no fight.

I understand it and it’s completely alright!

Well, every girl is so so pretty.


10) With her ideas so optimistic,

though actions far realistic,

she typed something very mystic -

Had you worked, excellence of now would have been average

Anyways, any failure to be understood needs courage.

Well, every girl is so so pretty.


11) With her face full of joy and hope

and beliefs no less than some pope,

she always replies, to my theory of mortality, with nope -

The word End, with someone can also be Never,

for the person may know words like Forever.

Well, every girl is so so pretty.


12) With a look so cheerless, that can shrink

one’s heart -though sometimes so cheerful that can kink

it’s beat- she said or typed - I think -

Really miss you as I sometimes also saw my ex in you.

You played big part in my life, though days were very few.

Well, every girl is so so pretty.


Lies apart, any girl can make your day,

no matter whether you are a guy, girl or a gay

This is a small tribute to a small part

of all the girls I met.

Memories of brain written from heart -

a few of the incidents I could never forget!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

A saga written as a ode about incidents revolving in mind, involving a few of the girls I met. Their sounds still ring in my head!

Poking Around

Do you remember when we would get drunk, and I would feel your naked body

All the parts that I like

And you would be open allwhere and I'd be there

Poking around?


Then in the day I would talk about beautiful things with the people who offered a rip in themselves

Or talk beautifully about things

Or talk about things

Or talk.


And I would walk for awhile and imagine myself wherever I please

Pretending here and there

With honor melting from the world and into me and only me

So when we met again we were strange and new

And it would be time to drink again

So you and I could be open allwhere

And poke around.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There was a time in my early 20s when I was so full and so empty at the same time, living in cold water apartments, sleeping in bathtubs, fucking and pretending, and going to college.  I've lived at sea now for a few years and sex and seduction are more and more becoming distant memories.  This poem is about a strange time when one could be naturalistic without being ineloquent, and heartfelt yet unsentimental, and get away with the grandest prize.  Looking back on it now and writing this, it seems very sad and beautiful and alien and a little evil, and I miss it late at night and early in the morning.

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The Great Academic War

War and Peace

The battle drums begin,
as we wage war against unceasing academia!
this unrelenting foe has no mercy for such as we
and so shall it be, no mercy returned!
All that will be returned are assignments,
promptly and professionally
like a true tactician of war -
for this mathematician is on a noble mission,
to make old Pythagoras proud;
and Euler will hold us in great esteem;
and Einstein, he might very well shed a tear.
For there will be no fear of these approaching exams
even as they are encroaching on the front lines of my insanity!
A man can be brought only so far by his discipline,
a soldier goes further through his own will.
So shall we conquer!
Sound forth, and fight well.
Fellow comrades!

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A Meaningless System, And I'm apart/ a part

What am I doing with myself
Sitting my dreams on the shelf
And wasting away my day
Without having any earthly sway

It's finals week.
I aced my finals.
But the learning is weak.
And the time spent useless.

So what is it I'm doing
Whilst saving myself money?
College life has been screwing
My high school trajectory.

I'm not having fun.
I really want to be done
With this mess of a trumph
It's not helping me with who to become.

Hard work and effort have been
Wasted in this empty system
Where all my struggles I have only seen
As useless to learning wisdom.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm very unhappy with my Junior year of high school so far. I work very hard, ace most of my classes, (even the concurrent enrollment ones) and do better than most but I'm still unhappy. I don't feel like I have accomplished everything. I wish I could funnel my skills in one area instead of trying to build EVERYTHING. Dance, sports, theater, regular education, you name it, and I have a talent there. And I can't choose what to follow and/or go into. Ugh. I feel so lost.