Child Prodigy?


You all seem to expect some kind of

Child genius out of me.

13, in the 8th grade. Only because

I was born in September.

You still question if you made the right choice.

Because I drown in this overwhelming

Social clique wave, of kids who

have known each other since pre school.

And there are those dumber than me. I

will say that. But

I feel so inferior to most.

Because there are those like

the girl I want to be.

The perfect girl is

in my class. And whatever

I want, she gets.

So am I a child prodigy? I

Can't even do a damn thing right.

You don't look at the good

grades that I get. You seem to

Only care about the F in Math from Midterm, not

the A+'s in History and Computer.

You care only about my lack of scientific

Understanding. My inability to understand that

Freshmen course that is manditory

For eighth graders.

I feel so stupid, so dumb, so moronic...

So tell me, am I the child prodigy you want me to be?

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Written for my mom, since I can't be perfect.

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The Last Lesson

My last year in school

Soon came upon me

I thought I had had

All the education

And this short year is

Just "to pass".

Knowing little that

It's now that I'll learn

Some things I never knew.

I learned I'm not complete

I'll always keep learning...

I learned that confidence is not

Always proving that I'm right

But always accepting my fault.

I came to know that

"Sorry" doesn't always

Make you look down

But it always heals wounds.

I understood that friends

Are not for exchanging nailpaints

But love, tears and smiles.

I learned that victory

Is not having expensive stuff

But having an invaluable life

I learned why

A "B- Grade"  is important,

For it is the one that tells

That an "A" is better.

I understood that

The greatest accomplishment is

Helping others even if they don't

Realize it.

I thought I had grown up but still

My mistakes were forgiven

Teaching that I'm still in school-

And that was when

I came to know

What schools are for.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem describes my feelings as I live throught the last year of my school. It is about the things that are not taught in school, but one still learns them- through his experience. It's dedicated to my teachers.

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A book is written usually with chapters

It is to have things you will remember

Things will be forgotten

Like an old man who has lived a good life

Yet people look back at the life of a book

And think of good times

And sometimes think of all the bad times

That were shared

Books can tell the future sometimes

And also remind us of our past

Author's Notes/Comments: 

8th grade poem portfolio. It was originally entitled "Extended Personifacation Poem" but that's just the type of poem I had to make it.

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Drum Song Model Poem

Listen.  Tree

         Your roots stretch

         Through the ground

         While birds nest in your leaves

         And woodpecers hit your


Listen.  Ocean

         The waves crash over shore

         The kids scream and shout

         People hunt and take your shells

         Seagulls take your


Listen.  Snowflake

         The wind wishes you by

         As your on your journey

         From the sky

         People try to eat you,

         But you make it safely on the


Listen.  Fire

         The crackling of the burn

         The roar of the flame

         The marshmallows you heat

         On a cold winter night

         People glare at your blaze

         They stare with amazement

         As you burn the


Author's Notes/Comments: 

8th grade portfolio. Some poem we read in class had this style in its writing. We had to copy it and make our own words. Guess this is what I chose.

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Haikus II

Sun peeps over shore

While the fish then start to bite

The beach gets crowded.

Volcano explodes

With molten rock and lava

Burns its surroundings.

Sleep in your cave, bear

You have a long sleep ahead

Wake up in the spring.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A few haikus I made for my 8th grade portfolio

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Pantoum Poem

Children play on the street,

They hear the music

Wanting the cold refreshments

They run to get money.

They hear the music,

The music getting closer,

They run to get money,

Rushing and rushing

The music getting closer,

The music of the ice cream truck,

Rushing and rushing,

Getting what they want.

The music of the ice cream truck,

Children play on the street,

Getting what they want,

Wanting the cold refreshments

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another 8th grade poem portfolio. It's obviously about an ice cream truck. All these poems I made back then had some type of restriction and rules to how it rhymed and so on. This one I guess had to repeat certain lines, trust me, if you saw these guidelines then these would sound better.

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Parallel Poem


Bridges fear

At night.

Lights sliding,

Windows shining

Smile teeth.

Machines eating,


Elevator doors,

People disappear.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

8th grade portfolio. Again, I really don't remember what the deal is with the parallel-ness. I like this one better then the second one, not sure why. :)

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Behind the Guitar

Behind the guitar

I feel like I am a god,

When I perform I like to make things sound

Like they are,

But when I mess up I feel really odd,

And my head feels about a million pounds.

I have a band

But we need to practice more

On my own time I practice all the time

I made my own song called "Sand"

It is my favorite one for,

Through the whole song it rhymes

I fell the rhythm flowing through me,

And feel great because I know it sounds cool,

Just knowing what to do makes me look good

And makes me think why play for people for free?

When people make fun of me I play to soothe,

My emotions and not feel like a dud.

Behind the guitar

It can help me in any kind of mood,

Whether I am happy or sad,

I never feel far,

It helps my angry attitude,

Especially when I get mad

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Made in 8th grade, the year I got my guitar. My band then was pretty bad, because I sucked at guitar then, and I don't even think we had a bassist. If I could remember the words to that song "Sand" I wrote, I would defenitely post them up because I know it was pretty stupid and funny, but oh well.

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Parallel Poem Two

Rumpled sheet

Of paper

The length

Apparent bulk

A man


Slowly over


The street

Car drove

Upon it

Crushed to

The ground.

It rose

Again rolling

With wind

Over as


Author's Notes/Comments: 

8th grade portfolio. I'm not sure about the parallel poem thing, it must had to have some type of rhyme scheme maybe or about a certain thing. I honestly don't remember or even what this is about, but I guess it sounds cool.... doesn't it? haha

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