Inner will

Lets fight

No where to run, no where to hide
I'm trapped from all the side,
This time it’s not just a rollercoaster ride,
I don’t see any source of light,
Yes, the time has come for me to fight.

I’m not a fortune teller who can foresee,
It’s a competitive world I want to grow like a tree.
My opponent is tough so let him be,
I know I can win because my opponent is Me.

Success wont come knocking on my door,
I wont progress sitting on the floor.
I have changed my way of looking at thing,
I wont talk but instead my efforts will sing.

I need to move out of my comfort zone,
Stop trusting my fate. Future, will write my own.
I'll be walking till the hit my destination,
I ain't scared of nobody, have got my determination.

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Hope you all like it