Success Motto!

Success, Success, Success the whole mankind is running for,
Working hard on so many chores….

Is money success? Is name success? What is Success?
Is Success always having more and never less?

There is no definition to success clear,
We make our own opinions for success,
We make our own notions for failure and fear…..

Then what is the “Success Motto” blowing around….
Is there something permanent you have found!

Yes the motto of success is to be happy now,
You’re not living successfully,
Contemplating on thoughts of past and future how?

Success is to concentrate, be consistent and determined,
Successful are those who take adversities as a positive wind….

Real success means, I am happy no matter what?
Real success is a well lived life,
When the lord takes a glimpse shot!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An irony to success in today's world!


2010-2012 Poems

No matter how it's dark and cold,
No matter how it rains inside,
It's your right to cry, your right to scream...
Your right to lose your way, to stand up, to dream.
You owe it to yourself to be alright,
Focus on the bit of spark, see through your light.
Lightning may strike, but persist-
Follow the sun and tell yourself:
"I am all I need to be."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

-(c)jerlin 29Sep11- written and posted in my FB thru mobile phone on my way to Songkhla for my angels in Penang.

The Start of Forever

Had a fall but wake up.

Though it seems nothing excites or motivates
and have a life but where to go?
Look around from the sky to the ground.
Try your sight for a light or a sound.


In a hall with many doors, which open up to corridors,
and looks like a window at the end
it’s where the bright comes through.
Straight ahead take a step toward it,
seems so far, light like a star.

Easy to ignore it.


Look right look left there's a knob so you turn it.
And the floor it expands and slopes just for you,
exciting colors, enticing dreams bursting at the seams
take a step, room fades to black, dusty walls crack,
come to the conclusion, beautiful illusion.


Step back, back to before,
away from the black.
In the end, it's just another bend.
The only way is straight,
slightest glow to the brightest shine.
Not a window but a gate.


It’s the one big test try to be the best.

Feet on the earth with your head just above.
They say you can't fake to believe,
have to take a leap to see.
From a leap to a bound out of the world,
body off the ground just like the spirit.


The soul is the goal, shouldn't fear it.
Know the way, stay near it.
So close, can almost hear it.
Don't lose your head or your heart.

If forever could ever begin, now is just the start.

- ¡¿†¥lΣ®?!

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