Blackspeare S.A

Walking Pass Me The Old Man Looked At Me As Of Lost.


Stunned I Stood There Looking Back At Him, He Stared.


He Did Not Flinch For A Second I Saw He Recalled On Something When He Looked At Me Calmly.


I Still Wondered What It Was He Had Locked In His Mind.


As I Was Lost He Seemed To Had Come To His Sense Of Use Of Words.


He Still Stared I Smiled As I Stared Back At Him And Asked “Madala What Is It?


With A Smile He Responded With Just A Few Words That Left Me Lost.


He Said “I Too Was As Young As You At Once.


With A Smile He Walked Away, Those Words Are Looked In My Psych.


It Is Amazing How We As Youngans Tend To Waste Our Time On Things That Matter Less.


Madala’s Words Left Me With A Mind To Make Sure I Spend My Time On Things That Matter.


Not Forgetting To Enjoy Myself On The Way But Work To Achieve As Much As I Can As I Am Still Fresh.


Dankie Madala I Gave You A Name Because I Didn’t Get Your Name.


I Promise To Make Sure To Live To Those Words As My Time Decays.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Meeting With A Stranger And Get Wisdom Out Of Words Recited By Them.






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