Romantic Love

A Little Wind Whispers

A little wind whispers,
Escaping through the window panels,
A script written of romance,
A cold hearted banishing afar,
Since in her eyes written of love,
A wind blew in her chest like of her love,
With such feliciteous kiss,
She bellows affection right in my veins,
Oh!! My little wheeze.

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Love Everlasting

Love Everlasting

I want to take the tip of my fingers

Lightly run them down your spine

As I take the fingers of my other hand

In your hair I would entwine

  • Press my lips tenderly against your lips

    As we feel the sultry rise of the steam

    We can look each other in the eyes

    As we slowly build our dreams

  • Let’s make slow love all through the night

    We will feel all alone in the world we define

    Sweetness we will feel the world slow down

    As we stop the hands of time

  • When morning comes and we need to rest

    We will lay next to each other so close

    When it comes to everlasting true love

    I do truly love you the most

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    By The Lake

    By The Lake

    Let us take a slow walk by the lake

    Watch the reflection of the moonlight

    We will dance by the music of our hearts

    We can make love all night

  • We will look into each others eyes

    Not one word will need to be spoken

    Our hearts will say everything to be said

    As the silence remains unbroken

  • I will caress your every dangerous curve

    We will snuggle as I hold you in my arms

    I want to dive head first in slow motion

    Land in the middle of your charms

  • We will gently touch each others skin

    As we tremble away all lingering denial

    As we kiss and set afire each others soul

    I’ll stroke your hair that flows like the Nile

  • Come sweet Delilah lets take a slow walk

    We will stroll down by the lake shore

    We will show the moon and stars

    Just what the night was made for

  • The Perfect SoulMate !

    The perfect mate will always be there.
    To listen to you and be willing to share.

    Near or far, they'll still have faith.
    That things will work out, no matter the pace.

    They'll give u their heart, trusting you completely.
    Hoping you're the one, dressed nice and neatly.

    Their soul is in your hands, making you both into one.
    Now your new life has just begun.

    Don't be afraid to take chances!
    -Jimmie Scott, Jr.

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