Mornings with you, that's all I really want to do. 
Rainy afternoons, lets go for a cruise.
your hand in my hand. I know you feel it too.
lets stay awake from sunset to sunrise.
 roll over on my side. "come here you got something in your eye."
type of love.
Forehead kisses. really make me miss you.
Damn, it fucks me up.
I thought that shit is too good to be true.
you wanted me, I wanted you.
you got me and... I. got. you.
that a rare find- hard to come by.
lets go for a ride. cruising with her by my side, hand on her inner left thigh.
shes even down for a drive by. 
now that's a woman in my eyes.
could you be here in the mornings? 
love me on my downtime.
lets get high.
 laugh about those guys or that one time.
I know im sorry aint good enough but ill put it to the test cause I love you enough to let you know that I fucked up.
I really do miss those late nights trippin on drugs in the back seat of your Toyota corolla.
I promise you there is no other lover. I am yours to uncover. discover.
lets go for a hike and open up my third eye, connect thru our minds.
fuck you on your side. im on your time.
wake up with you in my arms with the fog rollin up.
pull out the rest of the blunt.
but all I have are the memories of us.
its hard to wake up without you crossing my mind.
im not gonna lie, I miss you all the time.
I guess that's why im writing these rhymes. 
I thought it would go away with time,
here you are.
still on my mind. 
consuming my time. 
you seem to be doing just fine.
 that explains why you never hit me up.
just let me ask, what happened to us?
good morning texts and kissing waking up to not even knowing you.
im sorry I couldn't love you. 
i know you tried, and i really tried, too. 
Im sorry I hurt you.
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I fear no abyss


Lightning air winds through his hair


Serpents entwine in his black curly coils


Strong and thick and big as a rig


Sky eyes pierce me with wisdom and ire


Shine light on my face, this face of a liar


A giant among all men and mice


Makes me meek as a meager mouse bite


I pray for one kiss to reach his lips


Crawl on through infinite muck and mire


Half of his hesitance is bathed in this

The other half moves closer and closer 


The whole of my soul believes in this role

All part of me is given to fire


Yet I fear no abyss but his plaintive remiss


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Love makes it hard to breathe


Love makes it hard to breathe


you might think that’s

a good thing

it’s not

it is



the ends of my throat shriveling under matches

when I can’t breathe without you



when I can’t feel my hands

free and falling

then weighed down

wanting nothing

else but this



the weight of you

on my mind

when I can’t sleep or wake up

when I don’t want to move

fearing if I move I’ll cry or explode or laugh or lose you or

all of the above


It’s too many beautifuls to think this is real

when I’m in your arms and we are

sleeping or awake or somewhere in between

when I look at you and

this heart is too full to breathe.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 12/1/18

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Missing Him

You continue to fight the system,
I know that you miss him,
I don't know why,
You refuse to let go,

Of the dream that faded away,
You continue to cause pain,
When it can go away,
No matter how hard,
You scream at the sky,
He ain't ever comming back,
He died for his cause,
What he believed,
Just because you won't agree,
Won't cause him to be beamed back,
From the past battles he fought,
And the one he did return,
But in a box and uniform,
To his last place,
Where he shall forever stand guard,
Oneday he will stand guard next to you,

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Love at first sight

Its like lightning

Sparks are flying

When I saw you standing there

It happened so suddenly

I'm freaking out

Love at first sight

It struck down

Lead me toward your heart

Without saying anything

I'm freaking out

Love at first sight

Hopeless romantic

Want to start a 

love story now

You show up

out of nowhere

You shook my world

Love at first sight







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Windex and Bleach

Her heart is a brazen lion, a roaring thunder, a fierce fire. His heart was a tranquil bird, the beauty and quickness of heat-made lightning, and the mellowness and depth of the oceans.

They came together one day, and they tamed the land and sky, they made maelstroms on the waters, and they burned this city to the ground while the sky danced with the electricity of their amalgamated affection

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Something on my mind

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The Birth and Flight of a Phoenix

The storm has settled after a long summer.

The skies are clear, but the damage has been done.

I am charred, left abandoned in the ashes.

The humiliation during the wildfire led to my death.

The world I knew and loved disowned me.


But a baby bird had risen out of the ashes.

Despite its weak body, the newborn helped me onto my feet.

It led me away to start anew in a foreign world.

After all that had happened that led to this fire,

I know now that my old name is nothing but a memory

Left to be scorned by bloodthirsty eels.


Be free, young phoenix. Fly away and keep your voice close.

They'll be coming for you when they discover you're still alive.

It is better to let them think that you are dead

than attempt to kill yourself putting up a fruitless fight.


They can deceive the world all they like, but karma has its ways.

They will always be overshadowed by a much more unified flock.

But for now, I walk alone with no one but the baby bird perched on my shoulder.

I see a bit of my old life in it, but it possesses the need to change;

A quality that the world I left behind is too blind to see.


Be free, young phoenix. Fly away and keep your voice close.

They'll be coming for you when they discover you're still alive.

It is better to let them think that you are dead

than attempt to kill yourself putting up a fruitless fight.


By the time the bloodthirsty eels see me again, it will already be too late.

Their lack of intelligence is what I have to thank for getting me to where

I am needed most the whole time I have slaved away.

Too bad that they'll never know that I am not the poor unfortunate soul that I used to be.


The winter has arrived and the joys of Christmas Day have given the baby bird strength

To regain the fire that I have long-admired since I was no less than eight years of age.

The new year is around the corner and it is more than ready to spread its wings and fly

Like it did four years ago. It amazes me to see how kids grow up so fast.


Be free, young phoenix. Fly away and keep your voice close.

They'll be coming for you when they discover you're still alive.

It is better to let them think that you are dead

than attempt to kill yourself putting up a fruitless fight.


It is no longer our battle anyway for our destiny lies far away from this mom-and-pop.

In Someone Bedroom

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Author's Notes/Comments: 

john carbrio



There is a reason why a rose is called a rose

Something about it makes it different from other flowers

No matter what language you might refer it to 

A rose will always be a rose 

And you will always be my queen 


For six years, seeing you was quite normal for me 

You treated me like we were friends for a long time 

Yet we barely even spoke to each other 

Being a shy person from a local town 

Meant that talking to a beautiful girl like you was rare

But when the chance came, I was not about to let it go


For a long time, I sat back and adored your beauty

Every time I saw you walk past me, I would be left shocked 

Because I never thought that such beauty would ever exist 

Your smile was able to light up every room you walked into 

Which meant that just like your name, you were the light to everyone’s life 


You talking to me felt like a fantasy at first 

You being a queen in my eyes meant that 

People like me would never be associated with you 

Yet all of that seemed to change after that encounter 


As each day went by, there wasn’t a day in which we never spoke to each other 

People taking pictures of us together 

Maybe one day, we might cover GQ just like Travis and Kylie 

And you will forever be my queen 


In the middle of the night, I would wake up 

Just to see if you were okay whenever you were sick

Seeing you every 5th and 7th day of the week 

Would not be enough to show you how much I loved being in your presence 


I might not be the young French superstar from Paris

I might not be able to give you all the chocolate in the world

I might not be able to take you all over the world 

But if there’s one thing that I’m able to do 


It’s me declaring that you are my queen 

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