Dark Horse

I ride a dark horse

through the canyons

of our past;

Far away from 

the desert island of our

disaffected here and now.

I catch a glimpse of you

on a high bluff,

looking down at me.

You always did try to

occupy the high ground,

moral or otherwise.

But these dashing rides

always lead me back

here, where I find you

standing in front of me.

I watch as you sharpen

your anger against me.

Copyright © Robert Haigh 2011

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You Don't Know Me (Reprise)

I’ve proven people wrong before.

You are hardly an exception.


You said I should be single for a long time.

Venting to my friends who were right about you was the real medicine.

And plenty of boys say I’m a catch before they get to know who I am.


You said I need to grow up.

But you’re unemployed and you bash a girl that was slandered by her best friend.

I love being told what a snotty person I am both at work and when I’m with you.


You said I’m self-absorbed and immature.

I saved an artist you cruelly envied on his birthday from a debt that was killing him slow.

It was the best 30 pounds I ever spent this week because it was out of selfless love.


You said you deserve so much better than me.

You tried to gaslight me into thinking that no living soul is good enough for me.

You took the easy way out instead of bearing with me a little longer.


You said I don’t understand how relationships work.

That’s all you’re right about because what one person doesn’t find sexy might attract another.

So neither do you.


You said a piece of you will always love me.

You were just kidding yourself when you said that.

Some therapist you’re turning out to be, dearest.


It felt hazy that I pondered for days or even weeks

On how I was going to repay you for your compassion and charity.

You don’t deserve to know what I had planned for you.


If you somehow worm your way back into my life,

I won’t be crying my eyes out like the time when a bastard was unfaithful to you.

Instead, I will stand my ground like a rock and kick you in the crotch.


You had one opportunity to take things slow so we could get along.

But you’re not getting a second chance because I don’t trust you.

Does this explain why you claim I don’t love you?


Fast-forward to last week to the part where I started anew with another dude.

He’s a scary one that could do more damage to you than me.

He loves me for everything you hate about me.

He’s the kind of boy whose easy to set aside time for

While I hit the books and explore the world because he’s along for the ride.


I couldn’t be more attracted to him every time he touches me to say, “You’re mine.”

It’s not because he desires to put me on a leash and lock me up.

It’s because he understands where I’m coming from and he too thinks “give and take” is crap.

Yet, he loves me like the Holy Grail because he tells me that I’m the best part of every day to him.


Relationships are like snowflakes.

No two function the same way because people are complex creatures with different standards.

Yours certainly were a mystery and to this day, I wondered how it all went wrong.

Our final days were a thin line between love and hate.

I already know which direction you went.

That’s one thing you and the monsters in my nightmares have in common.

Blanca Bonita

Bonita fragancia a mujer.

Su bello y lindo aspecto a mujer.

Placentera nube resplandosa.

Si el mundo quiere,

tu seras mia para siempre.

Tu eres mi media naranja.


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Beyond Definition



That which is infinite, eternal, love, divine

is beyond scientists' power to define,

beyond every frequency,

beyond what humans can hear or see

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Short love quotes that help you reduce stress

The majority of men think of short love quotes as corny and cheesy, failing to see how they can actually help them out in their relationships or their attempts at securing a relationship. What these men cannot see is how these different quotes can be used to make something more interesting, more romantic, more memorable, and more meaningful.



There are ways for you to use the statements of someone else to communicate the habits where that you feel. There are different ways for you to do in that capacity and for you to truly make it wistful and significant. If you have to interest an astounding affection or someone you are excited about, endeavor to use love cites in these different habits.



Most nostalgic things that someone can achieve for their significant other is to leave them notes. These notes can be left in discretionary places and can be made quickly and successfully. Love statements can without a very remarkable stretch lift these notes to something novel and striking. These statements can quickly and viably pass on how you feel, helping you to make a ton of notes in a short proportion of time. A note with affection sentences taped to a vehicle window or put in a handbag will incite a fix and nostalgic movement later on - with you even present.

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God In Different Clothes



    Einstein might say that

    killers who send others from
    the stage into theatre wings
    may look like foes but are
    God in different clothes


    (This poem was inspired by the nonduality philosophy that

    God is the only Doer and by the following quote:
    "The actor who slaps you on stage waits behind the curtain to
    congratulate you on your performance."  -Sathya Sai Baba-)

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Aureolin Blooms



Florida showers leave the sun to hang hopeful in the sky.

Even under the safety of the umbrella it left

its reflection to bloom aureolin under your fingers

at the first drops of rain —

like when the artists had spread their paint across the watercolors

hanging inside the café,

bright splashes of hope to contrast the blues. Across the table

you uncross your legs, open

like the orchids flourishing on the windowsill,

lounging in the humidity

while it collects in your hair and trickles down your neck

like the most bewitching of poetry.



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O Lover

O Lover,


how can you run

past the rhymes that slip through the creases

in your palms only to

etch them into my memory?


time sank fangs into my ankle, left tattoos

like heartbreak. You touched my face

and I stepped back,

out of reach.

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Monet’s Parasol Beauty

She was a woman built in technicolor:

a vibrant Monet's parasol beauty in a miniskirt with

indecencies etched into her eyelids and the promise of
galaxies mapped out on her lips.

Tell them we died

in late evening while the band still lingered

over their cocktails
and rhythms slid like molasses
over moon-tanned shoulders and under stilettos.

Cinnamon wafted from her hair as she tapped a heel.
I imagined what my mother would say
and I suppose we gathered glances
like some do sea shells
and held them just as tightly.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just felt like the original needed more OOMPH.

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