In Someone Bedroom

Because of the real hand bedroom by teak furniture indonesia use the top Indonesia designers and natural collections, the durable wood furniture made Indonesia a solid solid product by one of the suppliers of product design. In the construction environment bed rugged teak platform with artistic design is characterized by calm, teak furniture which continues equipped with a full range of hardwood and interior hardwood artisans to provide solid wood handicraft furniture and decorate the entire solid wood frame. There are tips on how to choose tips without further elaboration. The right furniture for our bedroom and how to classify. Steel teak bed, bedroom furniture and bedroom originally designed Indonesian furniture manufacturer and exporter, use a large range of long-lasting teak furniture highlighted by the warmth and simplicity of long durability with strong teak. Functions, inspiration and timeless teak furniture and teak sofas are practical and elegant, as well as a luxurious look. Teak Reclaimed Bed The optional and durable requirements are designed to be strong and durable with meticulous construction and rugged construction. Built in Indonesia in Jepara, Central Java Province.




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john carbrio



There is a reason why a rose is called a rose

Something about it makes it different from other flowers

No matter what language you might refer it to 

A rose will always be a rose 

And you will always be my queen 


For six years, seeing you was quite normal for me 

You treated me like we were friends for a long time 

Yet we barely even spoke to each other 

Being a shy person from a local town 

Meant that talking to a beautiful girl like you was rare

But when the chance came, I was not about to let it go


For a long time, I sat back and adored your beauty

Every time I saw you walk past me, I would be left shocked 

Because I never thought that such beauty would ever exist 

Your smile was able to light up every room you walked into 

Which meant that just like your name, you were the light to everyone’s life 


You talking to me felt like a fantasy at first 

You being a queen in my eyes meant that 

People like me would never be associated with you 

Yet all of that seemed to change after that encounter 


As each day went by, there wasn’t a day in which we never spoke to each other 

People taking pictures of us together 

Maybe one day, we might cover GQ just like Travis and Kylie 

And you will forever be my queen 


In the middle of the night, I would wake up 

Just to see if you were okay whenever you were sick

Seeing you every 5th and 7th day of the week 

Would not be enough to show you how much I loved being in your presence 


I might not be the young French superstar from Paris

I might not be able to give you all the chocolate in the world

I might not be able to take you all over the world 

But if there’s one thing that I’m able to do 


It’s me declaring that you are my queen 

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Forever In Love With The Soul-Mate

I found my soul in hers and that face, I saw,
Some full-day beauty of the mother-in-law
Herself from her light is firing glory;
Body and shadow, and heart, from Mamelodi,
I find my feet and hers, the same walk and track
On fate pathway, and such, can I hold it back?
Such things are there in stone, carved and sealed
Once but in time; one day to be revealed.
Such means our hearts and parents hearts
Pulsed to some centre meeting than depart
From day today where I, the open door,
Of life and death, reached to, unstrutted floor,
Of me and her. May angels sweep the way
And love of God unshade my days, unshade her days!

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Sex And The Water( Taste )

Smooth heat rubbed against my lips.
I went close to fetch a kiss and swallowed sips
Drawn from a tongue; fruit, bitten subtly,slow
Because I know I may hurt hers, mine also:
The same I feel is what there maybe is felt too.
Here now, we've came, than frowning me and you
Are holding tight behind our horse's neck
Riding through days and night's weave of starful black
There but I brighten night with all a sunny day;
Death to the lazy and to thee; her chastish ways!
And sky, its whispers blow the cool and quietest,
Fall from cloud rainless while it pours on thee, the first,
Woman of choice of heart struck loudest where it lives
It touches most; it brings the hand, a hand that gives!

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Good Life

Kiss my lips a lover
Give me yourself, will I,
Have it all the good
And a ride, the Sixty-Nine?

Holding on, I cannot wait
Keeping eyes away? No way!
Life is quick at edge; it turns,
The hours to our face

With wind much slow a lapse
Or quick its speed, you find
Much sense, it makes our lives
Aright flowing this way?

Kiss my lips a lover!
Roses open, rosy lips sip
Until we're burning bright,
Clasped me to her tonight.

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Loving You

I call you with all earth, and heavenly names
And love throughout the day's rise and night's fall
Of dusk and dawn planet's turning continue,
To slip the sand of Glass between me and you
Some narrow inlet allows us essence, all,
Of life is love. I'm holding on to thee,
All day and night, the winds that pierce through me
I sense them, it's an emotion in fire;
Roused all the deep singers, heard loud a choir,
The song, a dream at night, at morn, a reverie.
She's the day, she's the month toil all the year,
She's the thought ,she's an only echo I hear,
She's the duty, she's all a langour in me,
She's the life, she's death in my own history!

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Cleaving Both Of Us

My life and yours both are together
And days, more or less, shall take us further
Through, as when wind find out a way
Among the dense past, future long always
Is where within our lives revolve the better
And worse seen life all the way it is,
Now and forever more.

Forgiving goes but forgetting holds
The brain whose sleep it cannot remember
But heartbeats hit upon one other strongly
Till soft can feel your Human sympathy,
The love which healing you cannot deny;
Warm-blood living, whoever is, still cries,
Now and forever more.

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Goddess of Love

A royal blood behold the vessel of its excellency

Drenched in the thrones of great heavens

A seductive kiss melts the heart of one true love

Glazed in the verge of the deepest night

A fair goddess of love remained faithful in his heart

Peeked into his dreams

With pristine beauty that conform the norm of the angeles

For greatness lies in her favor

Your Majesty!

Gavin Sebake ©12.05.2018 - SA

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Out Of Reach


there are things

I can’t give you

but still

I will search

to the ends of the earth

to find them

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 11/27/18

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