For a Moment, Remember Me Again


I wish I knew what I want to say 

I wish I knew what to do

The truth is I've been at a loss

Since I lost you 


It's the gap, the absence, the lack 

The introspectively shaped hole 

On the right side of the bed 

That I realize tonight 


The truth is

I can't move on 

I don't even want to 

Each moment that goes by 

I'm starting to miss the days of my life

That I thought I was sad 


I don't just love you, I need you 

And I hate the fact that I want you 

When you've moved on

I don't want to haunt you 

But I miss your smile and your laugh


So for a moment

Please remember me again



Walk to Tomorrow


It is easy to pretend

I’m back again

tracing your skin

until the time runs out

and we have another day to start

never past a heartbeat apart.


It could have been minutes

since I met you

or centuries.


It could be anything since

you’ve been gone.

I want to pretend it’s just a moment.


I want to lose all the days exploring you

making sure you are okay messy perfect mine.

making sure we can walk until the sun

hits our faces backs faces backs.

Walk to together.

Walk to tomorrow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/11/19

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you take my heart with you.

sweet talker.

midnight moon.

I know she doesn’t lie when I lie awake.

I hope she will measure the nights between us.

we already have too much space and she has so much more.

she is further from me than you

but still sometimes

she sings me to sleep.

is that a promise?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/26/19

From 300 writing prompts

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About You


tangle me in shadow and silver

lead me to where you lie

if you stop stepping in my footprints

maybe we’ll get to fly


speak with me till we lose something

my best friend my tomorrows

fall with me till I find something

better than the time I’ve borrowed


give me another day to matter

mess with me like we never wanted to

if we keep each other’s fingerprints

I still want to write songs about you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/21/19

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Light Be Onto Me

Light Be Onto Me


frozen in its dreram machine

pump through a variety of a given chance

bribe through a cascading word

chip off my shoulder

a hidden glass quicker

behind the museam flow

above it's decor

to be in the moment

in search toward its surplus

card carrying resident

hear my plera

unleash the plan

answered to a degree toward it's long awaited game

reach deep inside

with no rerason to go run away & hide

Made for you


My heart fills with love more each day. 

And just when I think it's full, and I couldn't love you  more,

You smile or just look my way.

This thing we have, I feel it was meant to be. 

The magic is strong, the love so real. 

You belong with me.

For once I got it right. 

I let my heart lead the way home. 

My soul never put up a fight. 

I know you feel it too

We can't deny our love.

I was meant to be with you. 

Tonight as I lay by your side, 

I know I'm safe from heartache and pain. 

I'm safe from the past and the tears I've cried. 

You belong with me. 

The missing part of my heart and soul

The one thing that will always be. 

For without you I was a broken mess. 

A shadow of who I am now. 

I awoke under your caress. 

I found my heaven in your eyes. 

I could want for nothing more

You are where my fate lies. 

I can't wait to be your wife, 

Seems so right, so meant to be

You are my heart and soul, the reason for a happy life



Author's Notes/Comments: 

To Bill. I've loved you all my life. I always have, I always will

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I’m not crazy

There was something there 

I refuse to believe you’re unaware

Of all those moments and what we shared

Not only is it incredibly unfair

To be painted as someone impaired

Because I noticed exactly what was there

Maybe I’m right and you needed some flare

So you used my emotions regardless of the tear

It caused in my heart when I became aware

That I was nothing more than an ego stroke

Because it all seemed like the perfect joke

Fool the girl into heartbreak

By letting her know she was never great

Not even close, it was just a prank

Either way I don’t care

If you actually liked me deep down somewhere

Because now I know the definition for overrated


And next time I won’t be so easily baited

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Before it happens again

 This shit hurts 

I can’t do it again 

On paper you look perfect 

So I thought we could be friends

The kind that never lie 

And reveal our darkest fears 

Who have each other’s back

And wipe away the tears 

The kind that builds and grows 

Until it turns to love 

Then we sit back and know 

It was sent from up above 

But instead I sit and wait 

Because you’ve gone away 

I never know the fate 

Of every passing day 

It drives me fucking crazy 

How am I not on your mind!? 

I think about you daily 

& and not just because you’re fine

It’s because of how you smile

And how Jesus is your world 

It’s Because of how you talk 

about your beautiful little girl 

I know these things take time, 

And id like space to explore 

Whatever’s on your mind 

To understand you more 

I know this is crazy

Because we’ve barely just said hi

But before I fall too deep alone

I’d rather just say goodby 


-Zomi July 2019 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ode to John

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The Best Kind Of Book


is one I can choose

like a kickstart,

no warning

don’t need to try too hard

to hurt myself,

just want to pick the path

these shoes want.


is one I can drown in

but remember

at the last moment

to come up for air.


is one I can finish

and fall,


taking it in.


is one I don’t need

to build my heart for,

or a cage

around it.

is simple like

I never wrote it to be.


is one I don’t need to open

to feel the ending.


and still,

is one

I am not afraid of.

the monsters can come

and storm our ship.

I will stand.


is one I can breathe with

like we fit together

and if the walls come in

we will take turns

being the small one.


is one I can lie next to

and trace with my fingertips,

feel it under my skin

as we give and take life from each other.

You are a story I don’t want to forget.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/4/19

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