If I want to die

then let me be

just say bye 

and set me free 


Crying on the floor

all alone, like you left me 

on all fours, your knees are sore 

just forget me... and let it be 


If I want to die 

then let me be

dont question why 

just say bye 

and set me free


Let me fly away, far away

far from here 

I, cannot stay

so let me lay, don’t you fear


If regret reappears 

wipe your face, from the tears 

dont you dwell on those years.

So, if I want to die

let me fly 

let me be 

just say bye

and set me free.

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Love Letter

How can I say I love you

Without sounding cheesy

”I love you”  there

You make loving you so easy 


Affection and nurturing 

Care and caress 

Alleviates my flection of my reflection

And my stress 


You found me so low

But with you I’m so high

I‘d miss you when you go

So don’t you ever say bye 


The stars in the sky

And the stars in your eyes 

A sky full of stars 

But you are my sky 


Keep me close, so I’ll be comfy

Whisper to me that you love me 

I’m not naive when I say

That I want you by my side like every single day


To the one I love, may our love never go astray.




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Red Rose

Red roses

Never let me down

They are a perfect way

To say how I feel now

So loving

Red roses

Never have let me down

They are perfect way

To let me be

So sweet

Red roses

Never have let me down

They are perfect way

To put a smile on your face

So happy

Red roses

Never have let me down

They are perfect way

To say you are on mind

So loud

Red roses

Never let me down

They are perfect way

To say love you


So deep


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Through the jungle

Through the jungle, through the dark

Boi, I love you heart to heart.


Know you not,

But I want you a lot.


Will wear your mark,

Let's build a perfect arc

- like sunshine

On a stormy sea.

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Earth Mother
In the dark your love is the light
He was my thoughts
I held a mirror and saw
That I was becoming more like him
And I loved us
Author's Notes/Comments: 

A short poem on gender equality and love


There is nothing more intoxicating than the sky he always brighter than the night
I always looked up to him

And the glow he always put on me

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Slumber awaits us

To reside in slumber bears weakness in my heart. 


I am not yet ready to ascertain the thoughts which dwell deep within my conscious mind, unbearing of the truth that is fortold upon diminishing it's recess, for I tremble as the witness to my own unconscious. It is here that I am forever entranced by the ideas of love and eternity, which inevitably have their own fate within my course of existence. Frequently, I wonder why such a dubious pattern of life emulates in the form that it so deliberately does. Fear lies within the wounds of my tormented soul as I try to reclaim the steps of what I've once known. My life is but a glimse of what lies ahead, a journey I know will beckon the everlasting hardships of the conscious collective. For the reasons of understanding nothing, while believing fully in the ever expanding source of knowledge from which we graze, I cease to acknowedge any bit of certainty that may lay claim to my being. Nothingness is apart of the universal collective, assimilated through light into the realm of the physical, yet transcended from the dominion that fabricates our ascension. At times I begin asking myself the questions of eternity, only to revert back to the darkness encompassing my vision, as I lay still in my bed.


Untelling is the way of the mind, and unparalleled is the insanity that it may bear. 

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Time and Memories {Revisited}


I dreamed a dream of stars and light

Shining brightly in the night

But then I saw, to my surprise

That they existed in your eyes

I had an illusion of desire

It's scarlet flames were rising higher

And soon after we took flight

You quickly vanished in the night

I gained an insight of your being

Sitting, broken, hopeless-feeling

I sat next to you, contrite

To tell you it was all alright 

I bear a vision, dark and deep

It has me turning in my sleep

Your memories I'll keep and keep

As I sit to sigh and weep

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just felt like tweaking it a bit, the first part is still my favorite

The Light


I can hear the echo

of the moments that you’re here

Bide my time to

keep you

I want to make a mess of the road behind me,

that girl framed in fire and ice-

Sometimes I miss her

but I don’t need who I was without you


This is like a trick question

I couldn’t answer until dawn

when I woke up to your body

wrapped in mine

And piece by piece I am learning

what the future looks like

as it folds us into a letter

and no matter where we end

we are still made of words


I don’t know why

people call love a drug

a curse

a storm

I am standing eyes open in the light.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/6/19

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