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Band Lyrics

Verse 1:

No matter how far we are,

I’ll become your memory.

I’ll become your everything

‘Cause I cannot give up

On this love that we share.

You are my reason to live.



‘Cause a life worth living

Is a life worth sharing.

Tell me why you’re constantly playing games:
You’re hot and you’re cold.

But, still, I like you.

I cannot deny these feelings.

‘Cause you’re my reason.


Verse 2:

‘Cause a light came on

Whenever I hear our song.

Like lovers of the same heart:
We understood each other better.

Awkward silences are our thing.

But, with you, is something

I cannot be without.



Whenever we’re together,

I can feel our love

Dangling in the air.

Can you feel it too?

Can you hear my heart?

‘Cause you’re the reason

That it beats for.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Finding reasons to love your significant other?

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Untitled Love Poem


My days and nights are consumed with thoughts of you again

I reach to text you, but always stop myself

The feeling that I could not hold back anymore

The need to tell you that I wish you to be the first person I talk to in the morning, and the the last before I sleep is more powerful than ever before

Betraying our friendship by allowing my emotions to show.

The possibility of pain and fear of rejection destroys any lingering joy and potential happiness

Devouring all hope that you would ever feel the same

I would rather you believe me cold and not wanting to talk to you

Than to let you look into my eyes and see the love and hurt that hides there.

I dreamed of you again

The feeling so real that the crushing ache of being awake is almost to much

The torture of wanting you to know dominates my heart

I write this hoping beyond all hope that you will read this and know

I’m crazy about you

We could have wacky adventures

We could enjoy quiet moments with our animals and each other.

I’m told no woman will love me as I am not a real man

But I cannot help but feel you are different

I could make you happy

I would follow you wherever your dreams take you

Bringing with me all the love I have to make you smile

Supporting you through all the struggles and anguish that life brings

Cheering you through all your triumphs.

I read something that reminded me of you

A melancholy awareness washes through my body

Holding back tears as I write these few final lines

A deepening sense of loneliness seeping into my heart

I cannot help my feelings toward you

I just hope you can understand that I miss someone and something I never had


And hope my dreams are filled with you again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm a transgendered man who has feelings for a woman who is not a part of the community 

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