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Verse 1:

No matter how far we are,

I’ll become your memory.

I’ll become your everything

‘Cause I cannot give up

On this love that we share.

You are my reason to live.



‘Cause a life worth living

Is a life worth sharing.

Tell me why you’re constantly playing games:
You’re hot and you’re cold.

But, still, I like you.

I cannot deny these feelings.

‘Cause you’re my reason.


Verse 2:

‘Cause a light came on

Whenever I hear our song.

Like lovers of the same heart:
We understood each other better.

Awkward silences are our thing.

But, with you, is something

I cannot be without.



Whenever we’re together,

I can feel our love

Dangling in the air.

Can you feel it too?

Can you hear my heart?

‘Cause you’re the reason

That it beats for.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Finding reasons to love your significant other?

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Depths of Darkness

Verse 1:

Through the dept of darkness,

I saw our love shine through.
All it took was your stare and smile,

which captured my heart and soul.



Melt my soul and spirit

For, I'm already too far gone.

These arms ache to hold you.

Won't you take me home?


Verse 2:

Through the depths of darkness,

I will rise from the ashes.

Like a phoenix drawn to the flames,

I will be reborn again.



Though, reality scares me to death,

Our love shines

through the depths of darkness.

Take me home tonight

'Cause I'm eternally your's to keep.


Through the depths of darkness,

I have seen heaven and hell.

It is real.

I will be your guiding light

If only you could let go. 



It creates a story in me...

With your satiny hairs,

You amble without a normal foot.

But with a pristine look,

Your big eyes shines luminously.

Dear, Maybe people call you a handicap,

I call those bullocks a madcap.

Interestingly, what, I am a handicap mentally, here I reveal.

Everyday I fight inside the close door when night falls.

A few days ago your eyes have cried a lot,

Let me clear here, you are a daring person.

It gives me a reason to fight with his servants openly.

You are a bizarre, I don't know you Monica Sharma.

Though we did not shook our hands at all,

But whenever these eyes squints you,

A new story creates a History...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Its very weird we do not know each other but still can relate my past with you and your name itself was a blow to me. This write is not for sympathy but my respect towards you of what you are. Though you are not different but extraordinarily different in your swag.

Kisi apne ki yaad dilati hain aap..

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Southern Pride

I'll fly my flag til the day I die, Its not hate, its Southern pride! Show it off, no need to hide, its a beautiful thing, this Southern Pride.
My flag does not see color and it can not hate. It doesnt cast blame or discriminate. So why must you attack it for something it aint?
That southern cross we fly so high, is to honors those who fought and died. 
It shouldnt be something we have to hide and we cant let it be just cast aside.
Ill fly my flag til the day i die. Its not hate, its southern pride. Show it off, no need to hide, its a beautiful thing, this Southern Pride.
Now some may say its racist and we hear it on a daily basis. But thats just not what the case is. Yes, its been used like this, but only by people of ignorance. 
That southern cross of red, white and blue was never made to offend you. It stands for something pure and true and To be a reminder of what, We the People, can do.
I'll fly my flag til the day i die. Its not hate, its southern pride. Show it off, no need to hide, its a beautiful thing, this Southern Pride.
They say history repeats itself and its happening now across the common wealth. Governments only caring about themself, stealin' and taxin' til we have nothin' left.
We the People are fed up, of being ran by people so corrupt. It's time now to wake up, for our rights We need to stand up and come together and Rise up.
Wake up! Stand up! Rise up! Southern Pride!(×3)
I'll fly my flag til the day I die. It's not hate, it's Southern Pride. So show it off, no need to hide, its a beautiful thing, this Southern Pride. Yea, that Sweet Southern Pride!! 
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hope you like it ♡

In my head its country/rap type lyrics with country/rock type music. One day I'll put the 3 together and make a YouTube video... maybe lol... Im kinda shy.

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respect there sacrafice

                               respect there sacrifice 2015


 I wanna tell you about a people who give more and more each day
they're from many different races and worth more that words can say
these people chose this way of life and some have paid a heavy price
so take a look at what they've done and respect there sacrifice
it saddens me when older veterans are treated with animosity
just be cause there not the same as when they left your city
it doesn't mean you throw away that precious gift of life
please show you care by your salute and respect there sacrifice
they've given us all they have for our nation to be free
some have paid with there lives and knew that's how it had to be
so pray for those heroic soldiers and please take my advice
and say thank you to these men and women and respect there sacrifice




Author's Notes/Comments: 

this was a poem i wrote just this mornng, im a very patriotic gal my dad had served in the korean war and he has taught me to have respect or those who would lay down there life for another even if they didnt know you and has taught me that a gift of this magnatude can never be repaid,  happy memoreal day every one.


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*Forbidden Love*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

Between the two of us
Is where our feelings remain 
I don't know why he is making a fuss
My respect he will not gain

Not as long as the subject is about the skin
It's about the feelings between us two
No matter what way I look at it I cant win
I'd probably be disowned if he ever knew

But at this point I don't care
I cant ignore this feeling
We have this magic we share 
It all has a meaning 


So why cant he understand 
Why cant he see past the color
It's that I don't want to be with no other man
Explain? Why do I bother


Forbidden love between two
Why can't he let things be 
These feelings I wish he knew
The magic we hold I wish he could see


Between the two
We care for each other
I'll never feel the way you always do
No matter what he and I will always be together


But no he's stubborn to try
These feelings the two of us share 
I'm so upset I can cry
About the skin I wish he wouldn't care


These feelings kept to myself
All building up I feel like I could die 
I keep this book on the shelf
It's because I freely cant wear these feelings on my shirt
It's not fair
This negativity is making me hurt
The way I feel he doesn't care


The way I feel means nothing to him 
He has nothing positive to say
To him this love he doesn't believes in 
For God to change his mind I pray


Each and every night 
I just want him to look into his heart
And hopefully look past the sight 



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Good Ol' Red White and Blue

It floats up above our head

Made of colorful thread

The first one was made by hand 

And even that one looked so grand

It's always inspired me

When it's up there for all to see

It gets soldiers through the night

So they wake up to see the light

Because when they see it flying

It reminds them why they kepp on trying

It represents the land of the free

And it means everything to me

It's lasted through all the ages

And people write about it, pages and pages

Without it, our country is naught

Even though so many have fought

All those soldiers on the front lines

Reminds me that this country of mine 

Is always free, through and through

All because of that Red White and Blue.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a poem that I came up with in class this last year when we did "found poetry". As always, feedback is appreciated!

Old Man

When the old man speaks,

Seldom as it is, everyone respects

His words, and files it away

As wise advice.

Once he was in those fields,

Outworking his children twofold.

Now in his late age, his body

Crumbles, rusted like an old locomotive.

Still, his memory, in the minds of his children,

Compels them to perk up and shut up.

Like an old desert tortoise,

He has walked the desert many times,

And defied the hawks many more.

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Respect is earned

A gift for honesty

For acts of courageous humility


A foundation of faith

Foundation of trust

Belief in the possibility of pure humanity


She is not a common item

Found on street corners

Available to the most ingenuous of man


She is the foundation

A mutual system

A two way street


She will not be bought

She is not an impulse

Not a whim

She is the core of our civilisation

Author's Notes/Comments: 

would be great to hear other users's thoughts.

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