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Finding reasons to love your significant other?

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It creates a story in me...

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Its very weird we do not know each other but still can relate my past with you and your name itself was a blow to me. This write is not for sympathy but my respect towards you of what you are. Though you are not different but extraordinarily different in your swag.

Kisi apne ki yaad dilati hain aap..

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Southern Pride

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Hope you like it ♡

In my head its country/rap type lyrics with country/rock type music. One day I'll put the 3 together and make a YouTube video... maybe lol... Im kinda shy.

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respect there sacrafice

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this was a poem i wrote just this mornng, im a very patriotic gal my dad had served in the korean war and he has taught me to have respect or those who would lay down there life for another even if they didnt know you and has taught me that a gift of this magnatude can never be repaid,  happy memoreal day every one.


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*Forbidden Love*

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Good Ol' Red White and Blue

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Just a poem that I came up with in class this last year when we did "found poetry". As always, feedback is appreciated!

Old Man

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would be great to hear other users's thoughts.

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