You Were Never the Victim

Wow, this is the best poetry book in the world.

I love how deep it is.

That one poem is so funny my heart skipped a beat.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of the pages.

And the most amazing part is,

It sucked.

A lot.


Who were you expecting, a white knight?

I’ve heard these jokes before in checkout lanes.

And the customers in front of me never knew you existed.


I’m not that pretentious.

But you are.


I do not have double standards.

But you do.


Someone whose castle is built on mediocrity can’t scare me into hiding.

But someone else might be.


The moat is heavily guarded by trolls that can ruin their lives

If they refuse to walk on eggshells around you.


I keep pointing out your flaws

But you never even see them.

Instead, you fired a bomb into the crowd

And ecstatically handed the cannon to me.


You impersonate a traumatized child so onlookers would feel bad for you

And point their fingers at me at the drop of the hat,

Leaving me with nothing else to say in my defense.

I’m beginning to believe you love the drama more than you love your craft.

You’ve thrown burnt bridges in the wind today and I’m off to the pen,

But I’ll let you have your fun for now.


I have stowed away in the back of the truck to escape my sentence,

But I’ve come back to fight you with a rocket.


I’ve been ready for perfect storms since my old flame tried to kill himself.

And pinned the blame on me because he wanted me all to himself.

I have nothing to lose if you play the “defenseless child” act again.


You may have been one locked in a tower once upon a time.

But you grew up to be a dragon and imprisoned someone else.

It’s not my fault that you made yourself look worse.

It’s yours.

You can stop lying to me now.

I know you were never the victim.

I'm Not Crying

Your single mother and cousins applauded you because they had faith I was the one.

It felt amazing to be this close to a family that I never met in the flesh.

Seeing them in the form of a discarded diary should have sounded an alarm in my head.

Your voice was so solemn and so soothing that it was like tasting a honeysuckle lollipop.

It was the best flavor I’ve ever had until I told you about the pauper I am providing for.

Then the flies showed up and I spent the next two months swatting them away.


One day, I licked the lollipop for the first time since then and tasted manure in the center.

I wondered why something so sweet could taste so repulsive.

But to my surprise, I was struck by the thought that I should have known.

You found yourself a guy you couldn’t wrap around your finger.

I didn’t see it until I was being bled dry and I could barely stay awake.

I had nothing to offer you when you claimed I did.


So why were you angry?

Why were you cranky?

I thought you were dandy

When you abstained from hanky panky.


All this time, you were still the hurt little boy that was raised in the Pope’s lyceum.

And turned into a lamprey the second I couldn’t give him anything to eat.

If you’re alone and free, I’ve already forgotten about you.

If you deserve better than me, you took the easy way out

By cheating on your test in life and got caught by the pauper.

You whimpered in fear of getting expelled and I was prepared for it.


The lamprey within broke free when I couldn’t look at you as the same person I loved before.

You fruitlessly faked your regret and pinned the blame on my ass to get out of jail free.

I’m not crying not because I didn’t care about you.

It was because I have the ending from that film memorized by heart.

It’s crazy, isn’t it? I know. I’ve watched it several times in French as a student.


I know my worth. I’m smiling in public while the sun is up

And brightening up the night when it goes down.

Thank you for putting words in my mouth when you were at your lowest.

Can you remind me again what major you’re pursuing?

Because you behaved like a patient in a case study at Arkham to me.

Wake up and smell the roses, my sweet summer child.

If you can’t stand to be where the bald eagles take flight,

Then park yourself on a bench and feed the pigeons.

"Sassy, Not Bratty"


by Jeph Johnson


A popular writer I had hoped to develop a relationship with, but alas simply had a fling with, said the following in her blog that I still read:


"If he doesn't want to be with you now, he will not want to be with you later on. You should not stand at the doorway of any man and beg to be let in."


What I have also heard from this same person regarding my reputation:


"He is such a player, He goes through women like they are underwear."


And such has been my quest for a relationship partner.

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"This is How You Love"

by Jeph Johnson 

Quit TELLING people

"life is worth living"


SHOW them. 


Not by showing them

YOUR life is worth living,

but by showing them

THEIR life is worth living. 


This is how you LOVE  


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Lisa Ann Teaches DaddyO the Difference Between a Prostitute and a Porn Star

My sentence by sentence dialogue with "porn star" Lisa Ann's YouTube rant on the difference between porn stars and prostitutes...


Lisa Ann: So if you don't know who I am, I don't know where you've been, but I'm Lisa Ann!


DaddyO: Hello Lisa Ann, I am DaddyO and I have been busy defending the rights of women to make money any way they choose without being shamed by self-righteous jerks and society in general.. My passion spans the vast limits of personal civil liberties (from saintly porn star all the way down to vile prostitute!)


Lisa Ann: And I've been allowed to rant about a topic. It's very... This topic is like a daily paper cut to my eye.


DaddyO: That must hurt. It is also a good excuse to use later when you realize you don't see things very clearly.


Lisa Ann: Because I have to read things on Twitter and on social media that annoy me.


DaddyO: And I have to see and hear things on YouTube and Webcams.com that equally annoy me too!


Lisa Ann: So I am going to straighten this out for you right now. This is a conversation we're having - I'm talking to you. You're listening... Focus!


DaddyO: Actually you've just described a lecture, not a conversation.


Lisa Ann: The difference between a hooker, a prostitute, an escort, a lady friend...whatever the fuck you people want to call 'em... and a porn star - let's go here first.


DaddyO: Okay, the difference between the two is...?


Lisa Ann: Lady friend. Hooker.


DaddyO: Yeah you already said that, we get the point. There are other names too: Whore, harlot, provider, call girl, working girl, moll, courtesan, hustler; ho, tart. Now let's move on. What's the difference?


Lisa Ann: Most places: not legal! I think the only place it's legal is at some sort of a weird ranch where you've got to be exposed to tons of stuff that could cause a staph infection.


DaddyO: Yep, the legality is one big difference. Actually legalizing prostitution and requiring STI testing (like those "weird ranches" do) would help prevent infections.


Lisa Ann: So that's your choice there; unless you want to be a lady of the night; just be meeting dudes randomly and doing privates...escorting...not legal!


DaddyO: So your point is...? Prostitutes often work at night. Due to its intimate nature, encounters quite often are private. It is known by the term "escorting" and it is unfortunately not legal in most places.


Lisa Ann: Not the makings of a porn star.


DaddyO: I don't know, I would guess porn stars often shoot in the evening and on a private set. And, like prostitution, filming porn is also illegal in most places.


Lisa Ann: You know what a porn star does?


DaddyO: Yes, but since you actually are a porn star, please enlighten me to the details.


Lisa Ann: A porn star creates a product for the masses to enjoy.


DaddyO: And so does a prostitute! In fact the enjoyment of her "product" is overwhelmingly considered more fun than the product you produce. Very few people would want to just watch when they can participate. 


Lisa Ann: Not just for the masses to enjoy but for companies to profit from.


DaddyO: And that's supposed to be a good thing?


Lisa Ann: Yes the porn star profits but what she can bring on a level of profit to larger companies is incredible.


DaddyO: So what you're saying is that the porn company is a lot like your rich pimp, and he allows you to recoup some of the huge amount of money that he has profited due to your efforts?


Lisa Ann: For myself I still feature dance three weekends a month.


DaddyO: Oops, maybe not. You still have to work three weekends a month.


Lisa Ann: I could be a prostitute and I'm gonna let y'all know something, I could make way more fucking money being a prostitute than feature dancing...


DaddyO: Wow! Why don't you do it then?


Lisa Ann: ...and it would be a lot less work,


DaddyO: Wow! Why don't you do it then?


Lisa Ann: ...but ya know my private one on one sex is to be shared by choice for no money.


DaddyO: Oh? Who made that decision? Oh yeah, you did: the woman who doesn't like to make more money by doing less work.


Lisa Ann: The only time I take money for sex is when again I am producing this product that the reason I get paid for it is because so do other people.


DaddyO: Oh so it must be a group effort in order for you to feel good about making money. I see. Why?


Lisa Ann: So while all these girls are out doing their mattress thing at the hotel, and you see them all looking like hookers paradise on their Instagram, they're always all standing the same way look at the Instagrams.


DaddyO: Hookers have time to do Instagram? Okay, I can see that. Well I suppose they do since they make more money than you by doing less work.


Lisa Ann: I'm on the road Friday night in the grind of it all and I see these girls all out drinking at a club in Los Angeles I am like that's hookers paradise that's all I think about.


DaddyO: Really, that's all you think about when you're sweating and dancing at a club? I guess it does seem a little unfair that they can relax in that club atmosphere sipping down drinks while you get bruises on your thighs and knees working those three extra weekends.


Lisa Ann: So back to the clubs, when I go in booked clubs and I bring a crowd that elevates the girls attitudes, it brings money in for the waitresses, it brings money in for the club owners.


DaddyO: You are like a magic stripper talisman or a lucky rabbit's foot for a topless dancer!


Lisa Ann: Fans get to meet me in person. I get to interact with people on a really cool level and give them a photo for their social media, for the life.


DaddyO: Hmm, let's see, Instagram photo with Lisa Ann vs. savage fuck from a knockout prostitute? Yeah, I dunno, that's a tough one. rolls eyes


Lisa Ann: It's a fan experience. I create an experience and it's an experience that I share with the masses.


DaddyO: I would guess the experiences fans of prostitutes might have just might be, at the very least, equally as fun. Or am I missing something?


Lisa Ann: Being a prostitute is a one-on-one, very self-centered, not career building thing to choose.


DaddyO: Yes, I agree. It certainly is one-on-one. But I don't see how it is self-centered if the escorts are choosing to share something as amazing as sex with another person in a private setting. To me that sounds downright selfless. Sure everyone is entitled to their boundaries, and I'd hate to judge the "self-centeredness" of either activity, but if I had to pick one that is more self-centered, let's go with the one where you tease millions of men who have issues getting laid into fantasizing they might actually have a chance to fuck a super hot chick, all the while moonlighting as an anti-prostitution lobbyist to basically ensure this relentless teasing of these poor souls can continue. Or is it something else. You tell me...


Lisa Ann: Because when you're done from 21 to 25 hooking girls, the same guy who was buying you he's buying another 20 year old. Now you're 25, 26 you're not a MILF yet, you haven't established your brand in the business no one wants to shoot you and you're fucking broke.


DaddyO: I am having a difficult time understanding what you even mean here. Are you saying after a man has seen about two dozen prostitutes, he then goes back and spends his money on 20 year old prostitutes? Well after people have watched a dozen or so of your films I would be willing to bet they might gravitate to younger, more nubile actresses too. Though in prostitution, because there is actually a professional business relationship being established, if she is doing her job right, she might retain her client well past the age a porn star's career is toast. What was that you were saying about how a prostitute's work is not career building?


Lisa Ann: Now you're trying to find a john that will marry you...


DaddyO: If the prostitute is making more money than the porn star, why would she feel she needed to marry a man, let alone marry one of her johns?


Lisa Ann: ...from what you saw him but you know what he's already moved on. You've let your body go, you're already old, your fake hair looks tragic, that's not happening. Now you're desperate.


DaddyO: Where did you get this stereotypical idea? Even if this is a plight of prostitutes, who says the same fate might not also befall a porn star? After all, the porn star is putting her body through the ringer by dancing three weekends a month as well as taking it super hard from men with huge cocks (often up the ass). Prostitutes have time to take care of themselves, can opt not to take a client who is too rough and they can also choose to not do anal! And I doubt most johns are hung like male porn actors.


Lisa Ann: Now if you would have taken the path that I took which was understanding this is a business, and this business can provide me with the opportunity to change my life, and also influence change in other people's lives.


DaddyO: But the path they took is also a business (or at least it should be one) and it certainly is life changing and hugely influential to other people's lives. I could cite personal stories of how it did for me, but that is for another blog.


Lisa Ann: On the business level; I make people money and it feels good.


DaddyO: Does it really feel better than making most of that money for yourself AND providing a (perhaps) once in a lifetime, life-changing fantasy to a poor soul who otherwise is not going to get laid? Does leaving men with blue balls also feel good?


Lisa Ann: There's a certain power in leaving a club and having everybody say to me thank you so much Lisa we make so much money when you're there.


DaddyO: I am confused, I thought you said your job was the one that wasn't self-centered?


Lisa Ann: My attitude, the things that I do for my fans, the funds I have, its real and it's something I can actually feel and hold onto...


DaddyO: Sort of like the difference between watching sex and actually having sex?


Lisa Ann: ...whereas if I was just one on one having sex with someone every bloody Friday night I wouldn't feel that.


DaddyO: Yeah the "every Friday night, one-on-one experience" provides you with money too, and is way more apt to involve feelings, emotion, admiration and honest thankfulness.


Lisa Ann: So to me that is the difference between a prostitute and a porn star.


DaddyO: And to me, that is the difference between a clueless porn star who somehow thinks prostitution is something that is "beyond" her, yet has no logical reason to believe that way and a hard working prostitute providing life affirming, sexual healing to people less fortunate than they are in the sexual arena.

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Her YouTube rant can be found here: https://youtu.be/DzW839KcbPs


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Far from Hypocrisy

 Wherever go I,


Hypocrisy does lie,


In the hearts of most of the people,


Like a virus so lethal.



Endeavour I the best,


To change the affected rest,


But all my efforts go in vain,


I discover my weary heart in severe pain.


I keep on praying to the Almighty,


So that those devils are enlightened eventually.


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Holiday Season Found Poem

'Tis the season of giving at Paul's TV and Appliances.

Save a thousand dollars.

Get what you really want.

Thousands of people go hungry every day.

Savor the season.

Favorite framily recipes.

Using your Wells-Fargo card just got easier.

That's good ham, Diane!

Everything can be improved.

Let Quicken Loans save you money.

Now jump off the bridge.

We call that predictable.

Welcome to Burdger King.

The pursuit of perfection.

Finding that perfect tree.






Santa has a transporter?

It's awesome to compete.

It's all about competing.

Winner take all.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just lines from commercials I hear within one hour, chronologically. 

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Prayer of The Modern Day Pharisee


Sinners, Publicans – Pharisees, Scribes

Unto neither of these could I ever subscribe


For I read of both groups in the scriptures each day,

And both make me feel to exclaim when I pray,


“God, I thank thee, that I’m not as other men are,

Like those sinners and publicans - God keep me far


From their damnable words and their damnable deeds,

And more so than this – Oh God, keep me free


From those gosh awful Pharisees - they above all

Are the worst kind of folks who are destined to fall.


But rather God keep apart from these men

And I promise that things will go on as they’ve been


Fasting two times a week, paying tithes of my gain

Doing all that I do, but I need not explain


For Thou knowest all this, and the time has come when

I must wrap this prayer up, and close with amen”


No, I’ll never be like anyone from those tribes

Not like Sinners and Publicans, Pharisees, Scribes


For I’m nothing like they. No, my time is well spent

Me, a just soul who has no need to repent


…Jeff Bresee



Luke 18: 10-14

Luke 15:7


Bastard Vanity

An ugly mirror works miracles with

blemishes on the mind's underside, which

escapes the eye of the subject and its

tendency to assume itself "normal".

Its resplendence surrenders to hours,

days, years spent neglected; glass made sour

by one idle reprieve turned eternal.

Learning to reflect more infernal truths,

it becomes unwanted and forgotten -

left just to glorify the clouding dust

that kicks up whenever a door is shut.

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