Squirrels Screaming in Spring

Tales Fom The Fur

Simple afternoons with you are freeing

Softly, quietly I look up to see two 

Squirrels screaming at me

The dichotomy between the serene breeze

And the tiny furry beasts puts a smile on my face

The worries of the world fade into Nothingness

The warm caress of the dying sun

Lifts today's burdens like an old friend with his hand held out



Am I the same as you?

We exist in this moment together

But who am I and who are you?

The wall comes crumbling down

I gasp... you turn your rosy cheeks to face me

We see eye to eye but through different lenses

My green to your brown

My chaos to your calm

Two sides of the same coin

And yet when I turn to face the trees

I see through the faded leaves and the bare bones of earthen bark

I see in the extended arms of the oak what I can't always see in myself: Hope

The screaming squirrels have given up

Sometimes I feel the same

The quiet returns

The light is receding 

I turn to you once more

I return to the here

I return to us and our small Haven; 

In the garden of two now silent Squirrels

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My stepdaughter was telling me about two squirrels that were making a fuss at her one day when she and a close friend were hanging out at a park near our home. It may not be a masterpiece poem but I was so inspired I had to put the images in my head to words. 

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The Oxymoron: Controlled Burns

Mother Earth


The wind changes and

'controlled burns'

become fires of


burning many 

animals and baby birds


causing others



saiom shriver


It has come to my attention apparently,
That everybody reminds me of squirrels,
Because these "squirrels" have,
Personalities that reflect a,
Insane individual going through a plague.
Maybe I should be going.
This thought, just keeps going.
So, you have noticed apparently,
About this ongoing plague.
The plague of squirrels.
This is a,
Dire situation, we have here.
For it starts here.
The place we are all going.
For it is a,
Squirrelly place apparently.
Filled with squirrels,
All under a plague.
It is this plague,
That we have here,
Is the one affecting the squirrels.
Maybe we should keep going.
They are all doomed apparently.
Quarantine zone A.
We have a,
Solution to contain this plague!
Hmm, does not work apparently.
What other options do we have?
What do we have going?
All of you are squirrels!
Each and everyone of you are squirrels!
Why? Because you are a,
Nutty minded individual, that keeps going,
On, and on about a plague,
That we do not have.
That is you apparently.
Apparently these squirrels,
Have a,
Plague going.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this sestina way work. For Kim.

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