The Oxymoron: Controlled Burns

Mother Earth


The wind changes and

'controlled burns'

become fires of


burning many 

animals and baby birds


causing others



saiom shriver


It has come to my attention apparently,
That everybody reminds me of squirrels,
Because these "squirrels" have,
Personalities that reflect a,
Insane individual going through a plague.
Maybe I should be going.
This thought, just keeps going.
So, you have noticed apparently,
About this ongoing plague.
The plague of squirrels.
This is a,
Dire situation, we have here.
For it starts here.
The place we are all going.
For it is a,
Squirrelly place apparently.
Filled with squirrels,
All under a plague.
It is this plague,
That we have here,
Is the one affecting the squirrels.
Maybe we should keep going.
They are all doomed apparently.
Quarantine zone A.
We have a,
Solution to contain this plague!
Hmm, does not work apparently.
What other options do we have?
What do we have going?
All of you are squirrels!
Each and everyone of you are squirrels!
Why? Because you are a,
Nutty minded individual, that keeps going,
On, and on about a plague,
That we do not have.
That is you apparently.
Apparently these squirrels,
Have a,
Plague going.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this sestina way work. For Kim.

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