Forbidden love


Torn Love

I only want what I cant have,

Like Im hooked on poison,

Youre like a drug Im addicted to,

Your smell,

Your touch,

Your power over me,

Things haunt me,

Its all about us,

You know I can keep secrets,

I know you can keep secrets too,

They never said we cant touch,

Just how close can we get?

Will she ever know?

They dont know,

Hold on tight on this ride,

You traded things,

Is that what happiness feels like for you?

I know you enjoy the danger,

Maybe not as much as me,

That spark is there in your eyes when I look,

I think youre scared of how it feels,

You might enjoy it,

If you lose yourself in the pleasure,

How will you come back from it?

Why do I get the feeling youre craving something youve never had?

I never crossed the line,

If we even have a line,

Tell me something,

How far can I push you?

How close can we get before you run?

You look at me with those eyes,

Knowing the power they have over me,

Youre beautiful,

Youre completely enchanting,

Youre the source of my addiction,

Your eyes,

Your lips,

Your smell,

Your touch,

Your body against mine,

Your breath on my neck,

The feel of you against my lips,

The feel of you against my hands,

The feeling of you responding.


Im addicted to you like Ive been poisoned and youre the cure.

The Ally (Akiva & Madrigal- Enemy, Part 3)


I don't see her slip away,

a flicker among clouds.




It tears me up to leave him.





My chest aches for her.

It shouldn't.




My heart pounds harder and

all I can think is

Would he have saved me?




She's different, she's a mist,

she's not a beast, she's a world.




My fingers burn from

touching him.

Madness or magic?




All I need is to

see her again

and I promise myself

I won't use the life

she's given me

to kill any more of her kin.




He is different.




She is different.




This is forbidden.




This is connection.




We are allies.



We are one.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Last part- this time starting with Akiva and switching back and forth between Akiva and Madrigal.  Seriously, if you ever get a chance to pick up Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor, DO IT.  It is the best thing ever and beautiful and heartbreaking and amazing.

Written 2/26/16

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Enemy (Akiva- Enemy, part 1)


She slips down the bridge,

silent, slow

All eyes,

eyes on the still water

Hooves quick on the pavement

A foreign but gentle lilt

in a waterfall off her tongue

A quick bound

through the fallen


She’s going to see me

if I move, if I breathe.

She’s beautiful.

She’s going to kill me

if she knows I survived.

She’s captivating.


No, yes,

Too late

Soft landing alongside me

Eyes alight on an enemy.

I was born her enemy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/25/16

Inspired by Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor, in Akiva's point of view when he first sees Madrigal on the bridge. Loved this! This is a series of 3 poems for this scene, the next ones are already written but will post in a few days :)

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I carry your heart with me

With me I carry your heart

I have come to find the truth

Within your whispered thoughts

Your deepest darkest secrets

Your deepest darkest dreams

All drift through the air like an exotic scene

For you I cannot replace

But can never truly find

I carry your heart with me

With me I carry your heart

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A Twentieth Century Girl Goes Shopping

Out shopping are these women

some are much like me,

beautiful, young and rich

all the 'perfect girl' should be. 


But what these women do not wish,

I fear it's only me,

is the hope of a united future 

one where I'm with thee.


These women with their riches

could not dream of a man like you,

for you are as sweet as summer nights 

as dark as the hell that is due,


to be unleashed when they find out 

but for now I care not at all,

for all I want is to be with you

and be with you I shall. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So yes another poem about a girl in love but forbidden love is a facinating concept to me. I feel like love should not be something dictated by law (that is to say reciprocated, true love and not evil, twisted ideals of the word) We should be free to love as we choose and I hope this conveys how hard it is to love someone you are technically not allowed to whether it be family, religious or political restraints its easy to feel alone and I hope this poem conveys how she feels alone but that the love is so strong that she does not care what people will think of her if/when they find out she is willing to be so alone for love and that is a powerful and damning thing. 

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The Way It Is

My eyes seek you, to examine you, feeling you.

Though fully clothed, I know your body completely.

My voice softens, hoping to hypnotise and entice.

My touch, gently caresses you like a flickering flame.

Ever present the danger of your passion erupting.

I tempt you, even though you don't desire me.

You know I can make you feel ecstasy, absent to you

Yet something your young curious body longs for.

That desire alone so strong, yet still you hold back.


Would you give in if I push, can you keep saying no.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Trying to speak whats there...not to be so structured.

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~ I will hold your heart with care ~


I feel so alarmed since I distinguish this feeling
I’d warn myself so many times
for I’m so afraid to find out the ending
I need to stop myself from crossing the lines


but I changed my mind because my heart is so powerful
I can't hide it, can't deny it to myself no more
I love you more each day
and I’m sure I can love you for years, baby.



I don't want to wonder which hurts more, darling
I don't want to keep on wishing if only I say something
and I made up my mind, I’ve got to let it show
because your love is all that matters to me, you know




I can deal with your current situation
and what-so-ever your kind of regulation
just shower me your understanding and affection
and I can promise you that I’ll hold your heart with care
I will never ever try to make your eyes shed a tear.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

just another love poem of mine...filled with question and emotion.

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Chasm of Trust

Traces of your tip left indelible marks of burning desire
The closeness of your breath raised puckered mounds reaching up
Your eyes desirous and fierce with the aggravation of the endless barriers
Your hand so close to my cheek magnetically drawing closer

The lost longing little boy look in those baby brown eyes pleaded for a second
Then you clenched your fist so tight I heard your knuckles crack 
Starting to shake frustrated in front of me then slapped it on the wall by my nape 
Your arms capturing me in your trap leaning over breathing each other in.
You move close, electrically close within a hair's width
so close we feel each other's charge in the minute chasm
brush lovingly past. your lips part wider. 

I lower my eyes breathless totally in your control,
you own the moment I'm held hostage by the want,
the need to affirm you in my soul through my flesh
I hang there jaw raised, eyes lowered waiting an eternity,
I've given up weak

Silently begging for the join that brings me peace
then I feel the charge recede 
I know something's gone
I ached for its missing the instant it was gone
Reconnecting again in the tips of dexterity, no you said.
I have loved so long to build this trust
Let us not defile this with an ordinary lust. 

As you left I knew.
As I stayed you knew.
This is not the end.

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A Forbidden Crush


I have someone who I'm crushing on,
but it's one that my mother doesn't approve of.
It's a forbidden crush,
one that I'm told to get rid of.

But it's not my fault that
I have feelings for someone who
my mother doesn't want me to associate with,
someone she says isn't good for me.

Secret calls back and forth,
between the two of us.
I have feelings for him,
but I don't know if he has any for me.

I can hope that he does,
and that this crush isn't
one that will go nowhere,
and isn't returned.

It's not my fault that I have feelings for him,
I can't help that I developed a crush on him!
I didn't know I would like him,
but it happened anyway.

I have a forbidden crush,
a crush that isn't allowed.
A crush that might not be returned,
but I'm hoping that it is.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have a forbidden crush on a guy, but i don't know if he likes me! I also don't know how to "appeal" to him!

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