go with the opposite, silly

A friend of fear is doubt.

A friend of fear is shame.

A friend of fear is that darned dark feeling

that you are not worth anything.

A friend of fear is a trixter.

He'll make you feel that he is right.

Consuming your thoughts with his false confidence, 

he'll scare you away from your own heart's light.

So don't make friends with fear.

Instead make friends with love.

For love is fear's opposite.

And Love deserves your precious time.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by RoC's "Friends of Fear" 

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who am i?


when all confidence has left you,

and you feel bereft of love,

forsaken by those who claimed they cared,

that's when i'll fit you like a glove.


i'll wait behind your neediness,

and use arrogance, he's my friend,

i'll have you projecting all of me 

onto children, women, and men.


that's when i do my finest work,

and all of me i'll bring,

when others up and leave you,

i'll infect you, and do my thing.


my presence will be cunning,

my manipulation sly,

i'll have you wrapped around me,

you won't even ask yourself why.


the more of you i can consume,

the larger we become,

to contaminate all is what i want,

'cause YOUR pain, to me, is FUN!


a fiendish scowling wimp, you see,

a psychopath, my dear,

enjoying all your suffering,

your kidnapper...i'm fear.





10:07 AM 6/22/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the only thing to ever fear, is fear itself. ~franklin d. roosevelt~


and that's the truth.



Fear's House Of Mirrors

fear is the king 


of a coward's delight,


fear rules illusions


that cloud all fools' sight,


fear wants compliance


adoration and praise,


fear becomes arrogance


when you challenge his gaze,


turning the tables around 


can be bliss,


when I make friends with fear


his intentions I twist,


fear uses everyone


and makes them his slaves,


fear turns the souls 


of some dead in their graves,


fear teases weaknesses 


of youth and of old,


fear changes hearts of warmth


into stone cold,


fear is the god 


that brings glory to killing,


fear is the god 


that makes the spineless willing,


motivation of many is controlled by fear,


due to principles twisted,


and virtues unclear,


many will use fear,


unwilling to see,


their fears are controlling them


clear as can be,


if ever you see one who 


worries too much,


believe it is fear that is


gaining their trust,



fear is a mirror

when we've lost our way,


that tells us "forget love, honey...

I'm your hero...please stay?"


misguided people fall into fear's rut,


they slip and fall in,

losing touch with their gut,


banish your worries

and live in the now,


To strongarm your fears,

honeybun, this is how!!



6:57 PM 6/19/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Part of a Collaberation

We Don't Know

Everything you might believe

Could possibly be untrue

Everything you know could leave

To reveal things you never knew

We don’t know what’s coming next

All we know is tomorrow’s another day

What we do know is down in text

But  what about tomorrow? We can’t say

Some people like it; they’re excited by not knowing

But others think it’s scary, being in the dark

Like being blindfolded, can’t see where they’re going

Life isn’t simple, no walk in the park

Will we be alive tomorrow, another day to live

Or is this day our last, never again to see light

Does what we do even matter, what we give or get

Because even we might not be able to make everything right

We can’t even prepare for what might come

Because we don’t even know what to prepare for

We don’t know if we even need to prepare, we can’t even run

We can guess and predict, but we won’t know for sure

If only we had magic crystal balls

To tell us what we need to know

We would know all the rises and falls

Of people, we would know the future flow

But we don’t have them, so it is as it is

We only know it when we find out

The future is tomorrow, a mystical fizz

And we can only sit here in doubt


Who needs love anyway..

Love and Hope

Love is stupid, Love is blind.

Love my dumb friend, is simply unkind.

You hope to find someone that's true.

Someone who will Love you for you.

But instead You find lies.

Aching sadness and unanswered cries.

Yet love is good? Something I want?

I doubt it, Can't understand what they flaunt.

Why would I want love? If it ain't real?

Why do I need someone, to know how I feel?

Do I need kisses to make me feel warm?

Do I need a Honey? To make the bees' swarm?

Truth be told, I don't think that I do.

I don't need to be controlled by: Him, her or you.

"Better to have loved and lost," they always say...

But truth be told, "Who needs love anyway?"

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Cheap Brandy and Desperation

Cheap Brandy and Desperation Lane,

love doesn't matter in this place.

Only drowning your sorrows in bitter taste.

Were feelings are gone, sex takes its place.

Yearning to feel anything but pain,

longing to know something that is real.

Passing up your inhibitions

And giving in to the feel.

Handcuffs and play things,

more Brandy on the rocks.

Nothing to keep you grounded,

ditch the shoes keep the socks.

You know she doesn't love you,

But you long to be inside her.

Confusing passion for affection

blurring your emotional divider.

She may long to get closer

yet you refuse to let her in.

Only wishing for more ectasy and pain,

let these sick games begin.

Then you feel yourself falling

its as if your losing control,

So you push her away

since she has strayed from your goal.

So you scour the the streets

looking for a girl on emotional vacation.

So you can both hide your depression,

in Cheap Brandy and Desperation

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Bleh... Too many poems focus on a girl's point a view so I did my best to capture that of a male

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Unmade mends, loosened knots, dead disillusion

Shrouded with doubt.. cynicism has buried it's way in..

through the skin.. parasites, they grin.. 

I don't know if i'm mean't to be where I am anymore, cause I made a mistake long ago,

did it take me off the right road?

maybe there isn't a right!! maybe everything is just wrong...

perhaps neither of the two.

damn, it can seem so confused.. 


These days are like flying forever on an aeroplane, constantly changing destinations while the inside stays the same..

too many people got money on the brain, i'm tellin' you it's gunna really rob your heart of the warmth that brings about positive change.. 

but you're too worried about keeping the change you could be sparing to another brother, in need of some support..


God could of wiped me from this earth by now..

the tears I shed are so full of life, & yet so fucking dead..

is this emptiness set apart from what's actually going on within my head..?

will these mends ever be made?

my heart is not your scapegoat, & my mind is not your slave..

so step away.. i'm not able to be caged.

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Been gone too long
Can’t let you in
Won’t let you see all the darkness within
Live in my dreams
So close to me
But now I see how things have to be


Deep in my head
My spirit’s dead
I just can’t live past my apathy
My fire’s out
Clouded with doubt
Now I see how things will have to be


Here’s a new life I’m making
So tired of bleeding and crying
Soon you’ll be there dying not me
Now I am driven
I’m finally living
Please take my soul
Lord, please take control of me



The light once mine
So long has been dying
Under the demon I once called Myself
It’s time to stand
Come take my hand
Won’t have to leave this for someone else


Here’s a new life I’m making
So tired of bleeding and crying
Soon you’ll be there dying not me
Now I am driven
I’m finally living
Please take my soul
Lord, please take control of me


I choose life
I choose love
I choose God
Above all else


Here’s a new life I’m making
So tired of bleeding and crying
Soon you’ll be there dying not me
Now I am driven
I’m finally living
Please take my soul
Lord, please take control of me


I Sometimes Fear

I somtimes fear
and by sometimes i mean often
that I'm full of crap
that i'm not working hard enough
that even if i'm as talented as I imagine myself
which I'm sure I'm not
that talent is one of many things i need
and I don't have the others