comfortably nestled in between two rocks 


above the stillness overlooking the small village


flattened black tar rooftops


steep cobblestone paved streets


winding around the southern tip of the mountain


a bicycle ride away


too far to touch the bitter memories


my gaze is locked into a numbing trance


time stands still



12:49 AM 7/6/2013 ©




Author's Notes/Comments: 



He likes to kill
in the name of peace;
what he forgets is
his sins will seize
him and end him too
once he has had
his full fill...
The power base
will shift to China
and then there will
be no more Obama.
No more of his
false dogma
no more of his
false drama...
In four years
We all shall see
how strong and firm
Is 'Super China'.
There's a "C"
written in the sky
when dusk falls
and owls do fly.
and this "C"
Is set to devour
The America
of all those who
back Obama.
(Written by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed/Emmenay). All copyrights with the author.

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