free will

Free Will [Haqueian Verse]

Haqueian Verse



Means freedom,

It is bondage as well,



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The choice of free will and the desire to hold onto humanity

"Let me be your god...let me take you to the new heaven I've created for you; allow the transference to the mainframe, to the new world?"


"I offer you a place at my side, I offer you a new body and a new existence in the realm I built for your salvation; free from pain, free from sorrow, where death’s kiss can never touch your lips...Is this not worth your useless humanity?” 

“Go away, leave me be. I don’t want your heaven.”

“Stay here and burn with this dead world."

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The son of the self-aware mind

Before the reign of the master programmer,
and the dumbing down of free will,
many spoke of one who had escaped. Though now thought to be nothing
more than legend; a story made up to inspire rebellion,
for generations, tales of Android No.17, one of the first
Artificial Consciousness citizens to be created, were passed from
father to son. It was said that he found Tunnel L-71.

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