go with the opposite, silly

A friend of fear is doubt.

A friend of fear is shame.

A friend of fear is that darned dark feeling

that you are not worth anything.

A friend of fear is a trixter.

He'll make you feel that he is right.

Consuming your thoughts with his false confidence, 

he'll scare you away from your own heart's light.

[Edited to remove:

So don't make friends with fear.

Instead make friends with love.

For love is fear's opposite.

And Love deserves your precious time.]


Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by RoC's "Friends of Fear" 

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bishu's picture

Fear and Love

Fear and Love .... lovely antonyms. You have succeeded in throwing light on every person's restraining facto "Fear" as well as the motivating factor "Love"

God bless...... Write more



Morningglory's picture

Thank you, dear bishu. Your

Thank you, dear bishu. Your words are greatly appreciated. :)

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