Funny, Ha, Ha


Maybe if I had a #hashtagged name,

They'd pay me some attention.

For all the 'social networking' done,

You'd think I'd get some mention.


Everyone is all-too-busy posting,

To spend anymore quality time.

'Social Media' is just an oxymoron,

It's more like a 'Social Climb'.


They are so afraid they'll miss,

A post, a comment or tweet.

Cell phones up in all their faces,

Walking down every city street.


The day of the zombies coming,

are what some people  fear,

But guess what? Take a look around!

They are already here!






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Diabilating Love

An emotion so overpowering.

I cannot control these feelings as they burn like a raging furnace,

boiling my blood to a point that I want to scream his name in ecstacy.

His mear existence is why I was born.

Destined to be together from the moment of conception.

He may not know I'm watching but the hex has already bound our blood.

This life was not meant for us, the existence beyond the living is were we will become one.

All who have come close to him will die, for his love can only be devoted to me.

Each tear he sheds make me smile, for his pain will be the noose that pulls him to me.

Hanging, waiting for my arms to catch him as he's plunged into darkness. 

For me the wait is unbearable, I must cut the anticipation out.

As I lay bleeding I grow numb to my aching soul, it is ready to escape this cursed existence called life. 

Spontaneously an insatiable lust reignites, I cannot be free of this suffering just yet.

This pain I have fabricated will guide him to me.

The days are numbered but the hours stretch long.

These actions have set in motion an irreversible future.

Time is now the one I must kill.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A dark pome I made through the eyes of the opposite gender. Was imaging someone so obsessed that they go beyond the physical realm to be with that person. 

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Azure Eyes

Beneath the blue,
in faraway,
a castle made of glass;
Fashioned within,
fragile shards,
glimmer lost in time

From windowed heaven,
sharing the color-
of transfixed eyes,
Brings distant view,
to surroundings-
glimpsed outside

Clinging to slivers,
pieces of life,
behind structure's walls
Founded in sorrow,
a parting love,
long passed by

In open skies,
once alighted dreams,
shrouds day with night;
Stars in backdrop,
fade to ebon,
hide presence from sight

Alone to self,
entrance denied-
to all approaching near
Focus of thought,
dwelling in shattered-
bits you find

Through azure eyes,
always the world,
only you see
Beneath the blue,
so far away,
hidden in a castle of glass

© C.E.Vance

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