MIXED FEELINGS...(conclusion of untold story of love or lust)

I can't even cry no more cause
The tears are drained out my eyes.
It's ME that you want, it's ME that you need
What don't you realize ?
I know, it's hard for me to understand
Everything from your point of view
But I listen and I comprehend and
Acknowledge the things you do
We breath each others thoughts
But our actions are not the same
Our heart can't take any more
And it's you to blame
I hate to point the finger
To someone that I trust
But it's. Not my fault
You got love mixed up with lust
I don't doubt your love
Never have never will
Your love is tender
And for that I will kill
So what happens to my heart
When you take yours from me
Give yours to someone else
And leave mines be ?
I know you have mixed feelings
And I can feel your pain
But to choose love over like
Honey, your insane
If you love me so much
Like you say you do
Then be with me
Or be through
But if you feel I'm washed out
And want to throw me to the side
Remember when you said you loved me ?
You lied!

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