Young Love

Young love

Love things

Young love where you at? 

 You need to break free, spread your wings and fly away

 Young love where you at?

I can see you hurt

Tears on your eyes dripping down, they tell a sad story

Young love where you at?

 I can see your heart bleeding the pain that you feel, the emotion that evaded your space and never left

Young love where you at

I can feel you heartbeat fading away

Young love where you at

All this love turned too sour for ones thoughts to taste, believed all the lies they fed you, I can see your dreams slowly been taken away from you, your to scared to move from where you are, scared to lose it all, but what's there to lose? When you really gained nothing from all of this?

 Young love where you at?

 Just spread your wings and never look back, be free from all this drama, for better or worse just fly free just fly free

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a guy who likes writting so yah some things may not make sense to you here so don't be to harsh on me

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The Trees, The River

The Prompt Pit

Taking a step into a paradise marsh,

reeds cut my skin as I run and I'm home. 

The gravitas that lures me there is strange,

But I see that palace and I'm no longer alone. 

To me, it's a barn or a cave or a car

Where we shelter for months, in its warmth, to hide.

The baron heath whistles cold and subdued,

Which pales to its heart of glowing embers inside.

But there's more to the trees and the river, my dear, 

My place in this world is as Sad Silent Slave.

We dread and we wait, to your Kingdom we go,

and the days spent there are where my Heaven's made.

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Starry Eyes

I'm sorry the world taught you that love is unkind,
As a child it's taught many the same,
The notions and potions we think can buy love,
Oh dear child, believe me...there is no one to blame.


See,what all your parents keep preaching,
Isn't 'cause they are old and don't care,
They keep telling you it's not what your thinking,
Because, see, they've already been there!


A card on your birthday, a diamond necklace,
There's big cash for big businesses in what you allow to impress,
Love hasn't a thing to do with all of those,
It's your hormones that tell you such lies as you grow.


The feelings are strong and especially at first,
Be aware, don't despair, it's just teenage angst that will burst,
The world isn't ending, this life will go on,
Just remember to deal with your feelings head-on.


The heart can control, and this isn't bad,
But sometimes growing older can really make you sad,
So as long as you learn to take responsibility
For your feelings, all will be just fine....believe me!!


You'll know when love hits you, because you seek no return,
It's mere presence will shower the gifts you know you deserve,
It will water your graciousness, caudle your talent
In ways that enhance your inner beauty to be balanced.


I don't give advice because I'm no different than you,
But if I could, I would say to just "Fall in love with you",
After all, you must have something to give it away,
Love to loving all the world first, and love will be with you to stay.


It may take some time, but all the best in life does,
Be patient, be wise, be YOU...because YOU are LOVE.



4:34 PM 4/17/2013 ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Suggesting to children to love the world first to find romance.

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Old Stuff

He’s so close yet so far away
I want him now but he’s not here to stay

He says:
“I’m no Superman,
I can’t give you what you need, what you deserve
So I’ll leave now so you can be free.
There’s someone out there for you but that’s not me.”

So I walked to school & I walked back home
How could I believe everything was fine?
Trying to understand everything he’s blown
It’s all my fault, I should have seen the signs
He says it’s just too far apart we’ve grown
What the hell was going on in my mind?
He’s about to shatter this heart of stone.
But I don’t understand at all this time!

He screamed:
“I need to be a person you wish you never met
Because I’m a person you need to forget
You better listen now cos this is true:
I’ll love you for eternity but now I’m leaving you”

…so he said good bye & he walked away
I want him now but he’s not here today.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know this is mad rough and it works out better in some places then others, but its like 4 years old, so I'm not going to try to re-write it cos I don't have the same feelings about this situation now as I did then.

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Lost My Mind

i used to spend my nights beside you
now i lay alone
i used to have options
but then i chose you
what happened?
we took things slow
dipped our feet in the water
before we jumped in
i thought i knew what i was doing
i thought i knew you.

don't take what’s not rightfully yours
you have my heart
and i think you stole it in the night
when it was just you, me, and the moon
the times i was most vulnerable
how could you.

i don’t understand
all those nights you walked in the rain
to come kiss me, hold my hand
i don’t think you did it to cause me pain
so why did you run away
you either want me or you don’t
and i think it’s rude of you
to hold on to my heart
that piece of me that’s still yours
why don’t you do me a favor
let it go

although i hate to say it
what’s mine is no longer yours
but the stars have fallen from the sky
and the tears have exploded from my eyes
you consumed my heart
you consumed my mind
they say destroy what destroys you
this should be war
yet i find myself reluctant
although you broke me
i could never hurt you.
i must have lost my mind

Author's Notes/Comments: 

breakups suck

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young love

Young love never lasts.
It always dies slowly.
Withering to point of no return.

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