Lost My Mind

i used to spend my nights beside you
now i lay alone
i used to have options
but then i chose you
what happened?
we took things slow
dipped our feet in the water
before we jumped in
i thought i knew what i was doing
i thought i knew you.

don't take what’s not rightfully yours
you have my heart
and i think you stole it in the night
when it was just you, me, and the moon
the times i was most vulnerable
how could you.

i don’t understand
all those nights you walked in the rain
to come kiss me, hold my hand
i don’t think you did it to cause me pain
so why did you run away
you either want me or you don’t
and i think it’s rude of you
to hold on to my heart
that piece of me that’s still yours
why don’t you do me a favor
let it go

although i hate to say it
what’s mine is no longer yours
but the stars have fallen from the sky
and the tears have exploded from my eyes
you consumed my heart
you consumed my mind
they say destroy what destroys you
this should be war
yet i find myself reluctant
although you broke me
i could never hurt you.
i must have lost my mind

Author's Notes/Comments: 

breakups suck

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HisWithNoDoubt's picture

Break ups do suck...

Break ups do suck...

ThatCaptainguy's picture

I really liked this piece,

I really liked this piece, good things fall apart so that great things can be formed

swaymelikethesea's picture

thanks, that's true, but I

thanks, that's true, but I guess i'm just tired of letting my guard down and getting hurt

ThatCaptainguy's picture

yeah i know what you mean,

yeah i know what you mean, whatever you do make sure not to make your guard so high that you close up, you will miss out on life if that happens