Annie - July 19, 2012

Kept until the age moving is a chore,

you just want to be free again.

Everyday you give but a bit more,

umtil you can no longer refrain.


Behavioral changes can be observed,

and inferred the end's coming.

Controversy is to or not to end her,

but in both, deaths call is humming.


You've been withered by old age,

your fur more fragile with each breath.

Refused to turn to a new days page,

you deny life, end in watery death.


After the end, you're burnt to utter black,

your death sentence now cracked, shatters.

Shoved in a box, dignity you hopelessly lack;

now nothings's left, and now nothing matters.


Gone from this world, and never coming back,

but in my mind sits the vivid memory.

Of the one who I miss everyday and night,

my long gone, dead dog, my poor little Annie.



I am broken, my pieces are to small and sharp to put back in place.
Shattered like a glass Vase that as been mistreated, I knew the power of the lies would cause it to break.

I feared the answers of the questions, but for some reason I continue to ask.                 

Now I find myself waking up wishing I was in the past.
Days now long and nights endless I’m not sure if we can clean up this mess.
They say those 3 words means everything, but I guess that depends who they are being said too.   

Did you not listen to the words I said before you accepted that ring?
So now you ask for forgiveness and a chance to change.

I say pick up the pieces and try carrying me once again.
But beware of some missing pieces and you will now find many sharp edges until the healing power of time.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote on behalf of a friend.

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In Your Hands

The day we fell in love
That glorious, wonderful day
I took your hand in mine
I said, "I'm giving you my heart, treat it well"
You said, "Always and forever."
And you smiled. Your special smile just for me. 
Now, a broken promise and shattered world later, my heart is broken,
And I wait for its return. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Again, for Z. Can you tell I'm having flashbacks?

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