Love Hate Relationship

Feels like I’m being tore in two. As that creature of habit wears into you.
Same shit, day in and day out. Nothing changes with pleasure or shout.
The days go by and you’re still the same. Drowning your thoughts with electronic chains.
“Relax, relax, relax, I just want to relax.” You’ve been ‘relaxing’ for days, you’re driving me insane.
The light from your screen blurs what you see. Nothing around you is clicking up stream.
You torture me with your sloth, and pride. I've never loved and hated someone so much.
I don’t want perfect. I don’t need perfect.
I need peace. Peace of mind you’ll help when I need. That you’ll be aware of the scene. That you know what’s at stake. That I know you are headed for your dreams, instead of you making me want to pull my hair out and scream.
But all you do is sit and wait. Make a move, show that you’re true.
Don’t wait for me to leave you behind, wishing I hadn’t given you a second of my time, for you to turn around and learn what you had to do, when this whole time I have been telling you.
Your games, your internet, it’s all a drug, and you don’t even know you’re addicted.
Saying others are scumbags because of their need, while blocking yours out by the lights of that goddamn screen.

Silver 1911

Just For Fun

She sure was a beauty, said she was mine
But her daddy didn’t think so, that wasn’t fine
In the dirt driveway, he drew a line
And pulled out his Silver 1911

He was old school, with a fighter inside
Said that with me she couldn’t take a ride
Said she’d leave over his dead hide
And pulled out his Silver 1911

They’d been hurt before, so I didn’t mind
Said I didn’t plan anything of the kind
If he’d see my true blue, then he would find
A heart like his Silver 1911

The best of the best
The leader of the West
That fought for what was right
The bringer of the law
By a real quick draw
That won every fight
God’s Holy wrath
And if you do the math
There’s a lot more right than wrong
Written in it’s past
There’s nothing quite as fast
As a Silver 1911

Well, that seemed to hit a cord
His stepping away was a sign of the Lord
And I took him with us in my old Ford
With his Silver 1911

Now I know just how he felt
A daughter of my own that’ll make a heart melt
So to inspire the boy’s Holy fear, on the side of my belt
Is my Silver 1911

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes I know the 1911 was not used to win the West. When I wrote this I meant the Western Hemisphere, from every battle and war from WWII and on. Otherwise, enjoy! :D

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All I Ask Of You

My Love

All I ask of you
Is to let me in your heart
Don’t push me away when you hurt
I can handle your problems
I am a strong tower in your storms
A lighthouse in the darkness
And I know the way home


All I ask of you
Is to remember me
Don’t forget our times together
When your dreams come true
And rob me of you
When you spread your wings
While you fly on the breeze
Just pause and think of me


All I ask of you
Is to be yourself
Don’t be afraid to hurt my feelings
I love you, not the mask you put on
Let your feelings flood around us
Just say what you need to say
And I’ll be there to listen always


All I ask of you
Is to not change to please people
They don’t know who you are
Many of them don’t even care
But I do
I care


All I ask of you
Is to live each day to it’s fullest
To live like you will die tomorrow
To not regret past mistakes, but learn from them
To live and to love
Each day is the first day of the rest of your life
Be who you want to be

And as I cheer you on
And watch you take to the skies
I can’t help but hope
That someday
You might love me too

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For Him <3


I stare into your eyes so blue
Why you like me I have no clue
Your strong arms around me tight
Makes me regret our pointless fights
I try and try but I fall for your charms
And soon enough I find myself in your arms
A kiss on the cheek sends me into a fit of joy
Such strong emotion because of 1 special boy
I can't imagine myself without you
What I would do I have no clue
Your words and your way mesmerize me so
They make me beg you not to go
I need you to know you are so dear
I'm always so happy when you're near
Promise our friendship will endure
Cuz loing you has no cure

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem I wrote for my boyfriend, it is not all of it but it is a good chunk of the beginning. I am quite interested in feedback and suggestions. Thanks :)

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I think we are good now
We both have dropped the
“I think you are goofing off with
Others and putting the signifigent
Other on the back burner”

That was a bad time for us
Enough so I had to make it clear
That this was over and
There will not be any more
Of any consorting, period

So I think we are good,
We've put all issues at bay
And restarting free and clear
With nothing but each other in a place
Where both our minds are clear

Written on
May 30, 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written to Babadee. He knows what this is really saying and so do I.

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Battle Scars


How you cut a person so deep
I've been feeling the the pain
I want to be set free
But I cant walk just yet

But they're not the only ones
I can't stand my parents
But there is someone else
That causes trouble for me

I honestly and completely 100%
Sure of his faithfulness
He is my sire and I know
He has played with my head

But I find that he has been
Very grossly mistaken
Well his actions at least,
He was entertaining fems

Its was just one at any time
But to keep this from me
Well you may as well cut me
I found it all out, so you needn't lie

Because I knew that this
Has been goin for some time
So as a result it was
Excatly like this:

He put a knife in me
Turning it and twisting
He pulls my heart out, throws
It on the floor and stomped

Written on
May 3, 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written over 2 weeks and I have not posted it. Bad me.

This was written about Tom Neville. Yes, he gave me the worst sort of pain. Theres physical, sexual, and mental pain, I belive mental is the worst. You can heal everything else, but mental is Hell. Even though I dont want to think he has done anything, but something is telling me that there has to be more. My feelings haven't been wrong yet, unfortunatly.

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It’s Not Over


I know that we haven’t
Reached that point yet
But I have a feeling
That we never will

But if we do
Claim that it’s over
I will never agree
Because it’s not over

It will never be
For you it may be
But for me it’s not over
Because you gave me life

You breathed in my heart
Making it beat again
When at one time
I truly thought it was dead

You revived me
Brought me back to life
More than that
You made me feel

And for all that
I am thankful
And for that reason
It’s not over

Written on
April 8, 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written for my Babadee, Tom Neville. No, i dont think this poem is anywhere near as good as some of the others, but it got posted just the same. And i just realized that the title is a Chris Daughtry song. I didn't mean to, but it happened just the same.

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Giving Self


Why do I give
Myself to you?

Maybe it’s that
Crooked smile of yours

Maybe it’s the way
Your eyes change colors

Or maybe it’s the way
You hold me so tightly

Mayhap its just your
Way of saying sweet nothings

So I am left to wonder
Upon all of this

So then why do I
Give myself to you?

I know there is one
Reason that I do,

Because I am yours

Written on
March 17, 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem has an interesting start. I was watching '2:13' and part of that movie they were talking about Shakespeare and part of his poem just hit me and made me write this. The line was this,

'Why do I give myself to you?
For I am yours',

so I took that line and ran with it.

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What do I see when I look at you
Well there are so many things that
I could list and they all would be true

But the most real thing that I see
Is the last man I’ll ever love
You swooped in and stole my heart

And I hold nothing against you for that
Hell, I never, ever could nor would
Ever hold anything against you

But that is what I see when I look at you
I could list a million and one things
That I see, that I feel… and all are true

But the truest thing is how I feel
When you’re near me, within arms reach
Because that is heaven, you near me

Because you being away is Hell
Or the closest I would prefer to be
And all this is because I love you

Written on
March 14, 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is yet another for my Babadee. So far, we have been together for seven months, and we are looking at a liftime together. So there is going to be a lot of poems to him and for him.

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