Battle Scars


How you cut a person so deep
I've been feeling the the pain
I want to be set free
But I cant walk just yet

But they're not the only ones
I can't stand my parents
But there is someone else
That causes trouble for me

I honestly and completely 100%
Sure of his faithfulness
He is my sire and I know
He has played with my head

But I find that he has been
Very grossly mistaken
Well his actions at least,
He was entertaining fems

Its was just one at any time
But to keep this from me
Well you may as well cut me
I found it all out, so you needn't lie

Because I knew that this
Has been goin for some time
So as a result it was
Excatly like this:

He put a knife in me
Turning it and twisting
He pulls my heart out, throws
It on the floor and stomped

Written on
May 3, 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written over 2 weeks and I have not posted it. Bad me.

This was written about Tom Neville. Yes, he gave me the worst sort of pain. Theres physical, sexual, and mental pain, I belive mental is the worst. You can heal everything else, but mental is Hell. Even though I dont want to think he has done anything, but something is telling me that there has to be more. My feelings haven't been wrong yet, unfortunatly.

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