Simply Saying


I just met you

Only a week ago

And I'm already

Starting to see it


I'm starting to feel

That my heart

Is no longer mine

Its becoming yours


I cant quite say

That I love you

But its coming

Oh so quickly


See my heart

There on the shelf?

See how its bruised?

Do you see it?


That is because

I handed it out to

Absolute morons

That abused it


But something tells me

That you wont

Break it just because

You want to


So here I am simply

Saying that you can

Have my trust, my faith

And before too long


You will have my heart

And my love and my body

And not too long after

You will have my hand



Written on


May 12, 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this about a guy I dont remember. Obviously, he wasnt worth too much.

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Wake UP!

Wake Up! Wake UP! No more sleeping in bed
Little Peter is crying he needs to be fed

Angie is failing she can’t even read
This problem exists because she is poor- that’s what her teacher now believes

We are failing our children while we lie asleep
Our family structure is failing and is proven to be weak.

Wake Up! Wake Up! Mother while Peter is being raped
By the same man you love and claim it’s you that he dates

Wake! Wake Up! Dad your daughter is growing old
She needs a man in her life – so she sleeps with the addict who treats her cold…

Wake Up mom and dad no more thinking about you
But instead of our children whose thoughts are misconstrued

The alarm clock has gone off- No more sleeping in bed
Let’s save the children we have left
‘Cause half of our children are already dead.

Wake Up!!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wake up is a powerful piece screaming the needs of some of our children. Wake up has been described as the perfect wake up call for those caring for children. It is a great gift for someone in the social services field; teachers or any persons providing the needs of our children

Giving Self


Why do I give
Myself to you?

Maybe it’s that
Crooked smile of yours

Maybe it’s the way
Your eyes change colors

Or maybe it’s the way
You hold me so tightly

Mayhap its just your
Way of saying sweet nothings

So I am left to wonder
Upon all of this

So then why do I
Give myself to you?

I know there is one
Reason that I do,

Because I am yours

Written on
March 17, 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem has an interesting start. I was watching '2:13' and part of that movie they were talking about Shakespeare and part of his poem just hit me and made me write this. The line was this,

'Why do I give myself to you?
For I am yours',

so I took that line and ran with it.

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