It’s nothing new you

learned it ins school


second rule

with no questions asked and

the universe as proof: such

concentration is

born to be used


opposites attract and

the circuit’s complete and

you’re all turned on

from the light

and the heat

now the battery is the music

and the music’s

the beat

as long as they’re


the crowd is at



now energy’s neither


nor lost but


said it doesn’t


there really is no

solo act

the only option for potential

is contact


it’s hard to kick against the goads

if a battery can’t carry the load -

the law of supply and


itself – there’s another

one waiting on the shelf


now we all live off that

transition so

before you start your grand


learn the lesson of


grasp the truth

of equilibrium


somewhere a


on a garbage heap

in a kind of


quantum leap

makes the final change of


gives its warmth to

empty space


another dishonourable discharge

for the universe

at large

stretched out between

a bed-spring and a drum


our lord




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to Thor Henning Issachsen, at the time, organist and Cantor in Holmlia Church in Oslo, Norway.

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When he made the anonymous donation in commemoration of the 9/11 attacks

They didn’t know where he came from or that his name was Max.


He walked into the Greenfield, Wisconsin police station and laid his money down

Then just as quickly walked out before anyone could turn around.


Though his donation was made in silence with dignity and grace

The police wanted to thank him properly, and that means face to face.


So this being a police station they tracked down every clue

After all isn’t that part what we’ve empowered our police stations to do?


His name is Max Siepert and his story is now being told

He rode his bicycle to the station and he’s only 11 years old.


His 6th grade class was studying the 9/ll tragedy, and 39 years before

His grandfather died in the line of duty back in 1974.


So he saved his money religiously, his mission was intense

And his generosity was exhibited by his ten dollars and three cents.


Thank you Max for remembering those whom we should all acclaim

And for donating your money with honor and generously in their names.


It’s always a good feeling when we hear of something earned

That is given up with no expectation of anything in return.


And when it comes from one so young and innocent who is only starting now to live

It teaches us all the meaning of what it’s like to give.


So this morning on my walk with Deborah in Max’s name we will present

To our police department the amount of ten dollars and three cents.


If every person would do that on this I know Max would agree


In his words that would be awesome and what a great world this would be.

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That makes me feel humbly appreciative

The sweetest note just came to me.

From a friend who muses off of me.

He said he was proud after watching me.

As I read an ode to our friend Kenny.

Following with a fairy tale,

to the little girl in the corner booth.

He said it filled his heart with love.

Watching me as I gave my love.

He called me a fantastic woman, 

It brought a tear into my eye.

The honor that he just gave me, 

was a little bit hard for me to receive.

I don't know why its hard to hear praise.

Self doubt always seems to get in the way.

Nevertheless it made me feel good.

As I'm happy to touch a soul or two.

The little girl, I had inspired.

She wrote her own story with a couple of letters.

Then she read what she wrote to me.

It was quite an elaborate fairy tale story.

Only she could read the words.

Adults had tried but couldn't decipher,

For they lived within her 4 yr old mind.

Couldn't read or write but she could see the lines.

Its a joy to see a soul inspired to be creative at any age.

I'm grateful for these interactions, they are a beautiful exchange.

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What Can I Say?

My Love

What can I say to her?
How do I explain?
This feeling I equate with love inside
So strong it causes pain?

Pain to see her fall all day
Pain to see her cry
Pain to know she walks the road
Which leads people to die?

Pain to know she can do better
Pain to dry her tears
Pain to fortify her soul
For countless, endless years?

Pain, I wish I could help
Pain, I want to kill your fears
Pain, I want the best for you
To turn sorrow into cheers.

But what can I say to her?
How do I explain?
This feeling I equate with love inside
So strong it causes pain?

How do I make her feel?
How to save her from herself?
I try but she’s not listening
So I continue to give myself.

Yet what can I say to her?
How can I explain?
This feeling, I know it’s love inside
So strong it causes pain?

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Giving Self


Why do I give
Myself to you?

Maybe it’s that
Crooked smile of yours

Maybe it’s the way
Your eyes change colors

Or maybe it’s the way
You hold me so tightly

Mayhap its just your
Way of saying sweet nothings

So I am left to wonder
Upon all of this

So then why do I
Give myself to you?

I know there is one
Reason that I do,

Because I am yours

Written on
March 17, 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem has an interesting start. I was watching '2:13' and part of that movie they were talking about Shakespeare and part of his poem just hit me and made me write this. The line was this,

'Why do I give myself to you?
For I am yours',

so I took that line and ran with it.

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Silently waiting,
Wishing for news,
The lights are flickering,
And the air is cold.

Grey walls with words
Engraved on their surface,
Tell me stories of death,
Of rage, of pain,
Of the lives that waited here,
And the lives
That waited

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Comments/thoughts please :)

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