Wake Up And Get Over Yourself

It is nearing

The end 
Of 2015
And I am
By the 
Current state
Of things
In the world
Around me

And on my tv 

Has become
Nothing short
Of a ship
Taking on water
And instead 
Of taking the time

To fix things
And make things better
We seem hell bent
On just creating
More holes
More problems
While wondering
Why we are
Still sinking 
Wake up society
And get a clue
The ship is sinking
And our debt is due
War after war

Wars that never end

Hatred, ignorance,
Blind fear 
Without understanding
We are going down
We could stop it

If we acted now
But we don't act

And we won't
Because we
Never do
Because even though

We are all to blame
And should all
Work to fix
The shit

That needs fixing

But no we would rather

Make things worse
By pointing fingers
And refusing
To accept
Any responspibility
Because we
Just don't want
To have to do
It's almost 2016
The time for
Being too lazy
And thinking
We are too good

To have to do anything
Is over
Grow up society
And get a clue
We are sinking
From hatred
And greed
And drowning
In pride
It's time to

Get over ourselves

And start doing

The right thing
The time to act
Is now 

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