A Problem We Must Accept And Fix

Think what you will
About the student
The child
Thrown by
A police officer
Across her classroom
His fault
Her fault
Maybe the blame

Lies on the shoulders

Of not one

But both of them
I don't know
Think what
You will
About that
That video
Either way
Makes me angry
And I will tell you why
We can't pretend
A cop going too far
Is a new thing
Anymore ok
More and more
Of cops going 
Too far and then some
Happens practically
Every fucking day
And I for one
Am sick and tired

Of hearing about it
Cops being trigger happy
And far too eager
To beat someone
Over ridiculous things
Like a teen
Who jay walked
Trying to
Catch a bus

Yes it happened
Within the last month
Or so too
But I suppose
The crying child
Asking why
He's being hit
Deserved it right
Look I know
Not every cop
Is like that
Which even further
Pisses me off
Because the
Trigger happy
Power tripping ones
Are making all of them

Even the good ones
Look bad
And that just aint right
Something seriously
Needs to be done
About this problem
Because yes
Whether you
Like it or not
It is a problem
And something
Needs to be done soon
Because it only seems

To be getting worse and worse
And I fear
At this rate
If it keeps going

The way it's going
Without us

Putting a stop to it
There will come a time
Where we can't
Do anything
And what then, huh?
Tell me
What then 


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