The mouse and the hyena


Billions of years ago, there was a planet called Nabula. Animals like the present day ones inhabited it but only a small quantity of them. They all worship the one and only god of that world known as Thor. He was strict but fair, when it came to disobeying he would do anything in his power to make it right with punishments. In a pleasant day, a small mouse named Peter was going for some food into the jungle. Peter was well known for his intelligence and care. On his way home, he heard a loud roar coming from what seemed as some kind of feline. After a while of searching he spotted an injured hyena lying down. It seemed as the hyena had an accident and fell from a cliff. Peter did not hesitate to cure the hyena’s wounds. He was struggling to know what to do but he then remembered about a special recipe in a herbalism book used by his ancestry to heal even the worst kinds of wounds, works like magic. Peter told him to resist as he ran into the jungle to search for the ingredient. After several minutes he found the plant, and took it back to where he found the hyena. Once Peter got there he smeared the plant’s sap into the hyena’s injuries and got healed instantly. The hyena was thankful with the mouse so they got along, but they went their own ways after that. Months later, Peter decided to go look for food with his brother, and so they went deeper into the jungle and found a small cave in which Peter’s instincts indicated that there was food inside. He entered the cave, but once he contacted it, the cave fell apart; rocks were too heavy to lift. He then remembered about the hyena, so Peter’s brother went to the hyena’s hideout and told him about the situation, but he didn’t showed any attention at all. No matter how many times he told him to help, he refused to do so. A thunderstorm suddenly came through and a voice started speaking: “How dare you not help the one who helped you in your desperate times…”. “I didn’t even asked for help, I don’t owe anyone anything.” the greedy hyena replied to the voice in the storm. The animals in Nabula started to worry about the strong storm as thunders and harsh winds started to damage the ground. “Are you sure that’s how you want to deal with your god?” Thor questioned. “Do you plan to destroy the place? I think you would not be capable of doing it”. “It would hurt, but I would start life all over again”. “I wouldn’t mind.” the selfish hyena taunted, testing the god’s mighty power. Everything was to blame on the hyena and his greed as Nabula got crumbled and eventually eliminating all life in it. “I might as well create a world not infested by selfish creatures hiding in their caves who refuse to obey orders, I shall create a world of perfection where creatures of my belonging obey and care for others, and if one defy my beliefs, it shall suffer until correction comes along”. And so, Thor traveled through hundreds of  galaxies and from a large meteorite he created planet Earth.  

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