I can't dance and I can't sing.

I can't dance and I can't sing.
I will teach you anything.
From fix a flat, to hula hoop.
To sewing hats and how to shoot.
I will teach you all these things.
It's better than searching on Bing.
I can teach you anything.
In your home, or down the road.
Learn how to taxidermy a toad.
All of these things that you can learn.
Like skipping rocks or growing ferns.
All of these lessons in just one spot.
Sell any skill you think you've got.
Yes, I will teach you anything.
So take a look, come on in.
I can even teach you how to swim.
There are no limits, yes it's true.
All of these things, I will teach you.

Death by Spaghettification


Like mathematical truth, certain are we

Like mathematical proof, revealed to be,

Mobius eternal, two sides into one

A single twist in time, never undone.

There and all over, all at once

Smeared and weird, as it is

Everything waves, the peaks and the troughs

Sinusoidal wheel, unpinnable floss.

But we are observing, the closeness of this

Measure with no error, the unseen with a kiss

Our detailed log of love, and of duality

Point in spacetime, wavefunctions cancel

Collapse our heart’s reality.

Like gravity and charge, another binding exists

Fieldlines and vectors, the arrowheads don’t miss

From me to you, and from you to me

Lines of infinite magnitude, for all of this be.

Bound by laws in an orbit, barycentre of black

Inside event horizon, continuation

We are riding the light, spiraling in

Until death by spaghettification.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am a physics student, I wrote this for my fiance in his valentine card and he was really touched. I wanted to throw it out to some people to see what they think of it? Keen to hear any comments/criticisms.