Don't Be Bullied Into Being A Bully

Bullying and hate
Both common place
But just because it is
Common place
Does not mean its right

I urge you
When it comes to things
And people you just
Don't understand
Do not just
Go with the crowd
And let them
Bring you down
Along with them
I urge you
Think for yourself
Follow your own
Not their lack of one
Find your own voice
And when you find it
Shout it loud
Find a way

To be heard
In the chaotic crowd
Don't just stand by

And watch while
Time and again
That chaos
Finds a way to kill
Your silence
Is just as deadly
As the chaos itself

So stand up
Be heard

Be someone
Who makes
Things happen
Instead of just
Someone who wishes
That they could
You'll be glad
You did

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