My ode to the State of Israel

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My ode to the state of Israel

Just been watching the news
Your blockade of Gaza Continues
With many people dead
One of those was too much
Yet all we get are excuses
Hamas are the devil re-incarnate

But Hamas do good work
Humanitarian, Do you know 
the meaning of that word?
Didn’t think so
All you seem to do is strangle
Those poor people; starving

And you have the cheek
To point fingers elsewhere
To a legitimate movement
Who was voted to power
And fires a few fireworks
Pride intact; token resistance

Your country’s main hobby
A continual land grab
And a program of wall
Building; divide; conquer
And a stranglehold
On Palestine; seems forever

But you stole their land
Still do, and shoot kids
Throwing stones and bricks
And make any excuse
To justify your action
Stop causing suffering!

Thought you were Christians
Jesus would definitely
Turn in his grave if
He saw your current antics
Its got to stop
To the world you are a JOKE

With worlds media in tow
To spin your evil deeds
Nobody gets their tv’s
To tell them the truth
And that’s what is needed
In this reality, undoubtedly

I love the CIA report
That says you will only
Last twenty years more
Before your state crumbles
Under the weight of
All its own bu llsh it

It created, in being
Proving ground for 
The US military.
Stick your white
Up your ar se!

Their puppet anyway
They are using you
To pick a fight
Wherever they can
They feed on destruction
That’s a fact

Got nothing against Isreili’s
My friend Udi, lovely
But the zionist’s
There the ones
Stopping Gaza from being free
Giving your nation a bad name

But they thrive on death
And destruction, the same
Paymasters, as Obama
We want peace: Not war
And our brothers of gaza
To have an open door

If you want to blame anyone
Blame george bush, CIA
they stirred this up
years gone by, you and
Palestine, lived in peace
Now war: Who gains?

In only some years
Peace will reign again
Worldwide, then your in trouble
Put one truth on a mountain of lies
And it all subsides, the CIA
Obviously know, your state sadly
All built on lies 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

was written 1st June 2010, still applies today

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