When I Go

The Word of God

When I Go


Friend, when I die, I won’t be dead, for I will be in Heaven instead,

Not because of flowery prayers, but, because of Him, who cares,

Christ, who cares for everyone, God’s Only Eternal Begotten Son,

Who died for me as a sacrifice, so that I could enter into Paradise.


It was Christ, who had rose again, displaying His power to all men,

This, my friend is the only power, which transforms us in that hour,

That moment we take a final breath, we will enter into life not death,

Eternal Life with Christ my friend, the perfect life which has no end.


It’s not the power of men on earth, but the power of a spiritual birth,

For it’s the power of resurrection, not mortal man’s prayer selection,

Not through prayer or man’s desire, but only by power much higher,

Only by the power of Jesus Christ, can a man enter into Eternal Life.


It begins when one is Born Again, not from prayers of religious men,

It starts when you are on the earth, when you experience a New Birth,

Born anew by The Spirit of God, as you are alive on this earthly sod,

It is not through a religious ritual, but, God’s Grace that saves a soul.


I’ve been saved by God’s Grace, Who, for me has prepared a Place,

This, for that day, if I should die, to reign and live with Christ on high;

The Rapture too, I could also see, should that Trumpet sound for me,

As I will leave this earth before I die, to meet my Savior up in the sky.


(Copyright ©11/2013 Bob Gotti)

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